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Kringle Kards Sketch Card Series
   Breygent Marketing - 2014

Notes: Thanks to Jon Doyle for the update! Further information and scans are posted 
at the Non-Sport Update Card Talk forum.

Sketch Pack: 6 base, 1 promo, 2 sketch art cards.
5x7 Sketch Pack: 1 base, 1 promo, 1 5x7 or 2 3-1/2x5 sketch art cards.

 No.   Artist                  Description

SKETCH PACKS (2-1/2" x 3-1/2")

Base Cards (6:pack)

KR1    Shawn Conn              Peace Santa
KR2    Mick & Matt Glebe       Naughty girl
KR3    Kenneth Hutcheson       startled on visit
KR4    Cliff Thomas            growling with axe
KR5    James Hill              bit butt
KR6    Bill Maus               clenched fangs
KR7    Stacey Kardash          toy soldier
KR8    George Webber           For Santa red gal
KR9    Kevin West              Two ho's
KR10   Tim Levandoski          finger by nose
KR11   Kristin Allen           gal with flowing hair
KR12   Anastasia Catris        naked Santa
KR13   Jon Isabello            candy cane daggers
KR14   Jason Saldajeno         sword hilt
KR15   Ted Dastick             Supersanta
KR16   Stacey Kardash          green and gold girl
KR17   Chris Foulkes           ALL Naughty?!
KR18   Marcia Dye              candy cane lips

Promo Cards (1:pack)

 P1    Gary Kezele             sleigh over moon
 P2    Kevin West              axe
 P3    Achilleas Kokkinakis    green eyepatch
 P4    Craig Stuckless         square specs
 P5    Kristin Allen           lady claus
 P6    Tim Levandoski          bloody and battered

Sketch Art Cards (2:pack)

   Artists with an "x" have not yet been observed. Artists with a 
   "+" are additions to the preliminary artist list.

       Achilleas Kokkinakis
       Adam Cleveland
       Anastasia Catris
     + Anne Cain
       Bill Maus
       Carlos Cabaleiro
       Chris Foulkes
       Christos Papantoniou
       Clay Sayre
       Cliff Thomas
       Craig S. Stuckless
       Dan Gorman
       Don Pedicini Jr.
       Erica Hesse
       Gabby Untermayerova
       Gary Kezele
       Gemma Magno
       George Deep
       George Webber
       Huy Trong
     x Iris Anne Cahill
     x J. D. Seeber
       Jake Sumbing
       James D. Hill
       Jason Durden
       Jason Saldajeno
       Jim Jimenez
       Jim Kyle
     x Jun Lofamia
     + Juno Sanchez
       Kenneth Hutcheson
       Kristin Allen
       Kylie Johnston
       Laura Inglis
       Manny Mederos
       Marcia Dye
       Mark Marvida
       Mel Joy San Juan
       Mick & Matt Glebe
       Mitch Ballard
       Norvierto P. Basio
       Robert Aragon
       Rusty Gilligan
       Sabrina Zaremba
       Sanna Umemoto
       Shane McCormack
       Shawn Conn
       Stacey Kardash
       Steven Miller
       Ted Dastick Jr.
       Tim Levandoski
       Tim Shay
       Yesha Balmes

5x7 SKETCH PACKS (5" x 7")

Base Cards (5" x 7"; 1: pack; # to 42)

KL1    Tim Shay                right eye wrinkled
KL2    Erica Hesse             lady claus with laughing elves
KL3    Gary Kezele             Be Back in the Morning! (seashore)
KL4    Marcia Dye              green suit and pipe
KL5    Sanna Umemoto           babes at chimney
KL6    Tim Levandoski          girl V-suit with bells

Sketch Art Reproduction Promo Cards (5" x 7"; 1:pack; # to 42)

LP1    Tim Shay                stogie in hand
LP2    Shawn Conn              stogie in mouth
LP3    Mitch Ballard           axe in alley
LP4    Mitch Ballard           2 axes on chimney
LP5    Mitch Ballard           axe and zombies
LP6    Mitch Ballard           2 axes and elves

Sketch Art Cards (one 5" x 7" or two 3-1/2" x 5" sketches per pack)

    3-1/2" x 5" Sketch Art Cards (55 made)

       Del Perry Nayra
       Huy Truong
       Marcia Dye

    5" x 7" Sketch Art Cards

       Achilleas Kokkinakis
       Adam & Bekah Cleveland
       Adam Cleveland
       Anastasia Catris
       Anne Cain
       Carlos Cabaleiro
       Chris Meeks
       Christos Papantoniou
       Clay Sayre
       Craig S. Stuckless
       Erica Hesse
       Free Isabelo
       Gabby Untermayerova
       Gary Kezele
       George Webber
       James D. Hill
       Kevin West
       Kristin Allen
       Kylie Johnston
       Manny Mederos
       Mitch Ballard
       Sabrina Zaremba
       Steven Miller
       Tim Levandoski
       Tim Shay


PK1    Gary Kezele             Tom Kringle: signed by T. Breyer; # to 100; red ink
PK1    Gary Kezele             Tom Kringle: signed by T. Breyer; # to 100; green ink
PK1    Gary Kezele             looking over wall
PK2    Tim Shay                knife

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