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Kung Fu Panda
   Inkworks - 2008

Notes:  Many collectors will consider the Sparkly Sticker Cards to be part of the 
base set. Further information and scans are posted at the Inkworks website.

Box: 24 packs of 5 cards + 1 sticker-card. 10 boxes per case.
Common sets (50): approx. 2.24 per box if collation were perfect.
Sticker-card sets (9): approximately 2.67 per box.

 No.    Title

   1    Kung Fu Panda

     Character Cards

   2    Po
   3    Shifu
   4    Tigress
   5    Monkey
   6    Mantis
   7    Crane
   8    Viper
   9    Tai Lung

     Story Cards

  10    The Stuff of Legend
  11    The Noodle Dream
  12    Training
  13    "It Is Time"
  14    Choosing the Dragon Warrior
  15    Worst Seat in the House
  16    Po's Big Entrance
  17    A Surprising Choice
  18    Chorh-Com Prison
  19    Just One Feather
  20    Hall of Heroes
  21    Bad First Impression
  22    A Pain in the Dummy
  23    Level 0
  24    Five Against One
  25    I'm Coming Home
  26    Shifu's Secret
  27    Betrayal and Prison
  28    You Must Believe
  29    Honesty and Honor
  30    Hungry Panda
  31    Battle Dumpling!
  32    Deadly Duel
  33    The Five Won't Quit
  34    Basking in Awesomeness
  35    Learn the Secret
  36    The Scroll Revealed
  37    No Secret Ingredient!
  38    Maddened by Destiny
  39    Showdown
  40    Dreams Come True

     Kung Fu Fury Cards

  41    Master Po
  42    Master Tigress
  43    Master Monkey
  44    Master Crane
  45    Master Viper
  46    Master Mantis
  47    Master Shifu
  48    Master Tai Lung
  49    Commander Vachir

  50    Checklist

Sparkly Sticker Cards (1:1 pack)

 S-1    (Po)
 S-2    (Monkey)
 S-3    (Tigress)
 S-4    (Viper)
 S-5    (Crane)
 S-6    (Mantis)
 S-7    (Shifu)
 S-8    (Tai Lung)
 S-9    (Master Oogway)


True Warriors Die-Cut Cards (1:5 packs)

 T-1    Master Panda
 T-2    Master Monkey
 T-3    Master Tigress
 T-4    Master Viper
 T-5    Master Crane
 T-6    Master Mantis

Masters of Kung Fu Lenticular Cards (1: 9 packs)

 M-1    Master Po: This Kung Fu Stuff Is Hard Work
 M-2    Master Monkey's Legendary Plum Blossom Fist
 M-3    Master Tigress' Thunder Fist
 M-4    Master Viper
 M-5    Master Crane
 M-6    Master Mantis
 M-7    Master Shifu: You call that Kung Fu?
 M-8    Master Tai Lung: Step Aside or Prepare to Battle

Card Album (sold separately)

 --     (binder)


 P-1    (right arm raised)
 P-2    (left arm raised)
H2007   (Holiday wishes; die-cut)
 P-i    (palms together; exclusive)
 --     Prepare for Awesomeness! (dealer sell sheet)

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