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Lady Death All Stars #1
   5FINITY Productions - 2011

Notes: This comic book release includes one sketch card per set. The comic 
was signed by Lady Death creator Brian Pulido. Each of the artists featured 
in the comic was given a blank sketch card, and these may show up in the 
market. Thanks to the Scoundrel Art Community for assistance! Further 
information and scans may be posted at the 5FINITY website.

Limited to 100 numbered comic/sketch sets.

    Artist                  Count

Sketch Card Artists

    Adam Cleveland             34
    Daniel Campos              34
    Scott Rorie                34

Comic Artists

    Patrick Finch [cover]

    Irma Ahmed
    Kristin Allen
    Lynne Anderson
    Roger Andrews
    Mark Bloodworth
    Jerry Carr
    Amy Clark
    Luis Diaz
    Glen Fernandez
    Anthony Hochrein
    Randy Kintz
    Ryan Kincaid
    Bill Maus
    Bill McKay
    Hanie Mohd
    Remy Mokhtar
    Rhiannon Owens
    Scott Rorie
    Ana Sanchez
    Jackie Santiago
    Danielle Soloud
    Amber Stone
    George Webber

    (bag and board)
    Certificate of Authenticity

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