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Lady Death Mega Chromium Preview Set
Krome Productions - 1997

Note:  Originally distributed as a sealed factory set. Cards are mega-sized, 4" x 6".

   No.    Title                                           Artists

     1    Lady Death: There is more to the ravishing ...  Steven Hughes, Jason Jensen
     2    Lady Death: To know her is to know a woman ...  Steven Hughes, Jason Jensen
     3    Lady Death: Mankind's worst nightmare in the ...Steven Hughes, Jason Jensen
     4    Lady Death and Darkness                         Steven Hughes, Jason Jensen
     5    Evil Ernie                                      Justiniano, Brett Smith
     6    Chastity                                        Justiniano, John Cebollero
Mystery   Hell                                            Steven Hughes, Jason Jensen

    --    (Presentation Packet)                           Steven Hughes, Jason Jensen

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