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Lady Death vs Shi Sketch Card Series
   5FINITY Productions - 2013

Notes: This sketch-card-only release features the modern comic book series, 
and was initially marketed as a Billy Tucci exclusive series for San Diego 
Comic Con 2013. Thanks much to Brian Kutz for updates!

300 packs of 1 sketch card each.

    Artist           # Sketched

    Adam Cleveland       30
    Ben Dunn             20
    Ben Hansen           12
    Bianca Thompson      12
    Billy Tucci          20
    Brandon Baselice     12
    Danielle Ellison      6
    Dave Acosta           9
    Ed Frayna            18
    Freddy Lopez Jr      18
    Jackie Santiago       6
    Jason Pedersen       12
    Jiba Anderson        12
    John Johnston        24
    John Monserrat       12
    Justin Ayers         30
    Marco Carillo        24
    Mary Bellamy          6
    Scott Harned          6
    Stefanie Battalene    6
    Tommy Nguyen         12
    Val Hochberg          6

Artist Exclusive Card (limited to 30)

OZ-AE1   Thank You for Participating

Zenescope 2013 Comic Con Pack (300 made)

--  Special 2013 Comic-Con Exclusive

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