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Lady and the Serpent
Mother Productions - 1992

Note: Cards are oversized, approximately 2-3/4" x 3-3/4". Distributed as a boxed
factory set. "100 years of women serpent handlers."


  Snake Charmers Dance
  Performing For The Gods
  Snake Dancer
  Ma Hea's
  Karen talking to a Lizard
  Fern St. Clair
  Katie Wren
  Mademoiselle Ada Mae Salo
  Wesley Pearl
  Zepryna Kassy
  Twin Serpents
  Senorita Carman
  Snake Dancer
  Mrs. Cameron
  Opal Manly
  Senorita Carman
  Theresa wearing snake necklace.
  Zepryna Kassy
  Miss Babs
  Ada Mae Salo
  Mademoiselle Zora
  Tracy the snake charmer
  Lady Mille Leatrice
  Ada Mae Salo
  Snake Dancing
  Snake Dancer
  Miss Millie
  Serpent's Embrace
  Ada Mae Salo
  The realm of the serpent ...
  Carnival Snake Lady
  Ethel Spencer

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