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Land of the Giants
   A&BC Gum - 1969

Notes: Much of the material was previously used, in a different configuration, 
in a test set printed by Topps in 1968. Here, card backs feature one-pane 
mini-comix with titles taken from the previous card "See Next Card x+1: Title." 
The set checklist shows variants on the mini-comix titles, which are different 
from the titles shown on card fronts.

No.   Front Title                                 Mini-Comix Title

Story Chapters

  1   Face of Terror!                             Fire in the sky!
  2   Captured!                                   The giant car!
  3   Steve's Plan!                               The first giant!
  4   Alexander Fitzhugh played by Kurt Kasznar   The giant forest!
  5   In the Giant's Clutches!                    The giant cat!
  6   Time Running Out!                           Attacked!
  7   Tense Moment!                               Cat & mouse game!
  8   The Fireball!                               Trapped!
  9   Steve Burton played by Gary Conway          Captives of giant!
 10   Magnet of Doom!                             Lair of the giants!
 11   Deadly Experiment!                          A close call!
 12   Move Out Fast!                              A plan for escape!
 13   Rescued!                                    Scaling heights!
 14   Imprisoned!                                 Caught in mid-air!
 15   Furry Menace!                               To the rescue!
 16   Nightmare Alley!                            Explosion!
 17   The Giant Dog!                              Hasty exit!
 18   Up, Up and Awaa-a-a-y!                      Reunion!
 19   Betty Hamilton played by Heather Young      The giant tramp!
 20   Tiny Plaything!                             Panic!
 21   Race against Time!                          Barry's fate!
 22   Spaceship Pilot                             Disappearance!
 23   Valerie Scott played by Deanna Lund         Explosions!
 24   "Giant Approaching"                         The search!
 25   Mark Wilson played by Don Matheson          Return to earth??
 26   Giant Mouse!                                Discovery!
 27   The Giant Watch!                            Ghost town!
 28   Out of Contact!                             The tolling bell!
 29   No Joke!                                    "We must find Barry!"
 30   Scream of Fear!                             Strange noises!
 31   Fitzhugh in Flight                          Giant girl!
 32   Return of the Giant!                        Grandfather!
 33   Bombs Away!                                 The angry giant!
 34   Perilous Journey!                           Unseen terror!
 35   In the Path of Fire!                        Buzzing warehouse!
 36   Frightened!                                 Barry is found!
 37   Back to Safety!                             Watched from above!
 38   No Escape!                                  The threat!
 39   Hide and Seek!                              Trapped for eternity!
 40   Brave Boy!                                  The plan!
 41   Tunnel to Safety!                           Fire!
 42   "Get Inside! Get Inside!"                   Escape!
 43   Lost!                                       Direct hit!
 44   The Scavengers!                             Back to the ship!

Puzzle Backs

 45   Prepare for Lift-Off!                       (puzzle piece)
 46   A Strange World!                            (puzzle piece)
 47   Alarmed!                                    (puzzle piece)
 48   A Daring Plan!                              (puzzle piece)
 49   Rough Landing!                              (puzzle piece)
 50   Dangerous Moment!                           (puzzle piece)
 51   Courageous Lady!                            (puzzle piece)
 52   Fire!                                       (puzzle piece)
 53   Brave Girl!                                 (puzzle piece)
 54   Barry Lockridge played by Stefen Arngrim    (puzzle piece)

 55   Dan Erickson played by Don Marshall         Mini-Comix Checklist

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