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Land of Kaiju
   Chet Phillips - 2013

Notes:  Sold as a complete set in packet. Cards measure 3-1/4" x 4-1/8". 
Further information and scans are posted at the artist's website.

No.   Title                Origin

 1    Jengaslug            Poisonfang Grotto
 2    Xenolope             Tectonic Plateau
 3    Slithersting         Forest of Sicly Despair
 4    Enormobrute          Rock Cliffs of Regret
 5    Oddnoramus           Demon Horn Island
 6    Cacklecrab           Edamame Bay Terrible Tidepool
 7    Batmorishi           The Caves of Desperation
 8    Woeuntoyu            Lake Horrific
 9    Diredragon           Noxious Nightmare Lair
10    Humongoid            Swamp of Torment
11    Killazilla           Rain Forest of Ghouls
12    Yetieddy             Grim Resolve Island
13    Monstromutoid        Southern Terrace of Dread
14    Icegoliath           Crystal Shart Forest
15    Ultrahulkatron       Tenacious Fear Valley
16    Neutronwhelp         Rock Cliffs of Regret
17    Toxoidterror Rex     Putrid Peninisula
18    Zombietroll          Red Thorn Thicket
19    Venomstag            Black Light Forest
20    Giggleghoul          Malodorous Marsh
21    Acidmagmatron        Feral Lava Plains
22    Lord Dreadnought     Unknown Distant Galaxy
23    Fugutitan            Poison Tar Island
24    Racknidwraith        Delirium Gorge

--    Chet Phillips (set portfolio)

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