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Land of the Giants: Test Set
   Topps - 1968

Notes:  This card series is one of the scarcest issues of the modern era, was  distributed 
only to a limited audience and was never mass-marketed. Wrappers were large stickers 
attached to waxed paper. Not quite so scarce was a 55-card set distributed under the 
A&BC Gum label in 1969, which used much of the material found in the test set 
but in a different configuration. Thanks much to Anthony Cole for the original list! 
American Card Catalog reference is R710-31. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-
Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Title                       Subtitle

   Card Backs: "Mini-Comix"

  1   Dan Erickson                played by Don Marshall
  2   Hide and Seek!              The two Earth people hide as a giant
  3   Brave Girl!                 Betty sets out with only a huge safe
  4   Brave Boy!                  Young Barry Lockridge, is one of the
  5   Fire!                       A fire started by the crew help turn
  6   Giant Mouse!                Steve, Dan and Betty are menaced by
  7   Fitzhugh in Flight          Thinking he is near London, Fitxhugh
  8   Prepare for Liftoff!        Dan gives Valerie a boost as the bal
  9   Move Out Fast!              The crew constructs a balloon in an
 10   Spaceship Pilot             Steve Burton has vowed he won't rest
 11   In the Path of Fire!        The pasengers watch as the ship veer
 12   Steve Burton                played by Gary Conway
 13   Frightened!                 Fitzhugh screams as the terrors of t
 14   Get Inside! Get Inside!     Betty shouts a warning as a giant ap
 15   Dangerous Moment!           Steve fails to see that he's resting
 16   The Giant Dog!              Valerie takes refuge in a huge egg-c
 17   Nightmare Alley!            Steve, Dan and Betty emerge from a m
 18   Up, Up and Awaa-a-ay!       Steve gives the signal for the ballo
 19   Return of the Giant!        The giant watches as four of the Ear
 20   Scream of Fear!             Fitzhugh panics as a giant cat rocks
 21   A Strange World!            Valerie joins Fitzhugh in the giant
 22   Magnet of Doom!             The rocket is pulled into the core o
 23   Alarmed!                    Angry that passengers have left the
 24   Bombs Away!                 With several stolen chemicals, Dan t
 25   Perilous Journey!           Steve slides down carefully, for a s
 26   Time Running Out!           Only seconds are left before the gia
 27   No Joke!                    Valerie is amazed with her discovery
 28   Barry Lockridge             played by Stefan Arngrim
 29   The Giant Watch!            Steve and Valerie discover a timepie
 30   Tiny Plaything!             Fitzhugh is frozen in fear as a gian
 31   Tense Moment!               One false step by the giants will sq
 32   Betty Hamilton              played by Heather Young
 33   "Giant Approaching"         Dan's radar set warns that giabts ar
 34   Mark Wilson                 played by Don Matheson
 35   Deadly Experiment!          There seems to be no escape as the g
 36   Rescued!                    Dan frees Steve and Valerie from the
 37   Lost!                       Valerie and Fitzhugh can't find thei
 38   Courageous Lady!            Betty Hamilton attempts to calm the
 39   Captured!                   Valerie and Mark are trapped in the
 40   Alexander Fitzhugh          played by Kurt Kasznan
 41   A Daring Plan!              Dan investigates a huge thermos, ho
 42   Imprisoned!                 Captured, Dan, Steve and Betty see
 43   Back to Safety!             After spotting some giants, Dan tur
 44   Rough Landing!              When Dan and Steve are wounded, Bet

   Card Backs: Puzzle Pieces

 45   The Fireball!               In 1983, a fabulous fireball appear
 46   Race Against Time! [wide]   "The giant will return any second,"
 47   Valerie Scott               played by Deanna Lund
 48   Tunnel to Safety!           Using a butterfly net, the giant tr
 49   The Scavengers!             Rummaging through a giant junkyard,
 50   Furry Menace!               A giant cat imperils the ship and i
 51   No Escape!                  Taped down on a lab table, Steve an
 52   Race against Time! [tall]   "The giant will return any second,"
 53   Steve's Plan!               Using a spool of thread as a rope,
 54   In the Giant's Clutches!    A huge hand reaches out ensnaring D

 55   Face of Terror! [Checklist] A giant discovers the ship, as the

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