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(Rowan & Martin's) Laugh-In
   Topps - 1972
   O-Pee-Chee - 1972
   Scanlens - 1972

Notes: Card backs for cards 1-33 are puzzle pieces. American Card Catalog  reference 
is R710-18. Thanks to Jim Walls for the update! Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports 
Cards gallery.

Box: 24 packs.

    No.    Title / Caption

       1   Ooh! That hurts when we hug!
       2   I ate some seeds and look what happened!
       3   Are you worried about going up in this spaceship?
       4   When I'm in the dumps I get a new hat... That's wh
       5   When we hold you in Contempt of Court we really ho
       6   That's the last time I take on the whole team!
       7   Bulletin - Russia has just invaded the United Stat
       8   It's Bernie's engagement gift... a tattoo of a rin
       9   I liked the shot, but the chicken didn't!
      10   How Long were you in Rumania? - About as long as I
      11   O.K.! Who's the wise guy who said this was the men
      12   Psst. Your zipper broke!
      13   I've heard of long protests but this is ridiculous
      14   Give me a hint... Is the heart on the left or righ
      15   You sure this dance will bring rain?
      16   Our next act needs no introduction! - Because they
      17   What a ridiculous story! It's about a wolf that ta
      18   Me? A woman athlete?.... I'm the winner of a Russi
      19   Take the picture already!! The ink is drying!
      20   Is it something I said? - No it's something I ate!
      21   I predict you'll soon meet a tall dark stranger...
      22   I think we'd make a lovely couple!
      23   Verry Interesting!
      24   Father... Say something to me! - Boy, are you in t
      25   That Rembrandt was great! He covered all the numbe
      26   Since we've been married Dear, you've grown anothe
      27   Gee! That's my mother-in-law standing there! - Do
      28   If that's a halo our date's off for tonight!
      29   You really have an open mind... and a mouth to mat
      30   Here Come the Judge!
      31   You may hate me for this, Ma, but you've got bad b
      32   Why are you dressed like that? - I'm a chain-smoke
      33   Stop! I'm not dead yet! - Why wait till the last m


      34   Isabell!
      35   Oliver!
      36   Lyndon!
      37   Stan!
      38   Jess
      39   Vera!
      40   Barry!
      41   Abe Lincoln!
      42   Ivan!
      43   Mandy!
      44   Anita!
      45   Saki!

     Laugh-in Necklaces

      46   Sock It To Me
      47   Here Comes the Judge
      48   The Court's in Session
      49   Flake Off
      50   Scoobie doobie doo
      51   Knock Knock
      52   Blast Off
      53   Laugh in
      54   Verry Interesting
      55   Dumb
      56   You Bet Your Sweet Bippy

     Finger Puppets

      57   I Work for Peanuts
      58   Goldie
      59   Joanne
      60   Uncle Sam Wants You!
      61   Ouch!
      62   Yellow Pages

     Door Cards

      63   Private Eye / Child Psychiatrist
      64   We're about to discover the message that has been
      65   Do not open this door under any circumstances
      66   Why does a stork stand on one leg?
      67   Why do elephants carry keys?
      68   What's worse than a giraffe with a sore throat?
      69   How do you stop a charging lion?
      70   What's black and white and red all over?
      71   Yacht Club / Ku Klux Klan


      72   (Mona Lisa / Arte Johnson / Joanne Worley) [No. 1]
      73   (Arte Johnson / Ruth Buzzi / George Washington)
      74   (Arte Johnson / Monkey / Judy Carne)
      75   (Arte Johnson / Ruth Buzzi / Joanne Worley)
      76   (Dick Rowan / Dan Martin / Abe Lincoln)
      77   (Spaceman / Goldie Hawn / Ape)

Goldie's Laugh-ons Stickers (1:pack; 1-15/16" x 2-15/16" on yellow)

 1 of 24   I'm Hot!
 2 of 24   The Only Way to Fly!
 3 of 24   Rub Me and Make a Wish
 4 of 24   Be Nice to Mice
 5 of 24   Cut Along Dotted Lion
 6 of 24   Right Now
 7 of 24   Relax
 8 of 24   Don't Bug Me
 9 of 24   Peace
10 of 24   Watch It
11 of 24   The Court's in Session
12 of 24   Flake Off
13 of 24   Sock It to Me
14 of 24   Verrry Interesting
15 of 24   Panic Button
16 of 24   Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
17 of 24   One Way
18 of 24   Danger Curves Ahead
19 of 24   I'm Hip!
20 of 24   Knock Knock
21 of 24   Slippery When Wet
22 of 24   Heavenly body
23 of 24   I'm a Cut Up!
24 of 24   Soft Shoulder

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