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Leaf Sketch Cards SDCC 2015
   Leaf - 2015

Notes: These sketch cards were distributed exclusively at San Diego Comic 
Con 2015. Each sketch card is 1/1 but there were multiple images for the 
autographed cards.

    Artist                Character                        Signer

    James Henry Smith     Captain Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds
    James Henry Smith     Frank Castle
    James Henry Smith     Gandalf
    James Henry Smith     Optimus Prime

    Marcia Dye            Harry Potter
    Marcia Dye            James T. Kirk
    Marcia Dye            Joker (Heath ledger)
    Marcia Dye            Joker (Jack Nicholson)
    Marcia Dye            Joker (Jared Leto)

    Mick + Matt Glebe     Anna
    Mick + Matt Glebe     Captain America
    Mick + Matt Glebe     Daryl Dixon
    Mick + Matt Glebe     Elsa
    Mick + Matt Glebe     Hiro
    Mick + Matt Glebe     Homer Simpson
    Mick + Matt Glebe     Incredible Hulk
    Mick + Matt Glebe     Indiana Jones
    Mick + Matt Glebe     Iron Man
    Mick + Matt Glebe     James Bond (Daniel Craig)
    Mick + Matt Glebe     Luke Skywalker
    Mick + Matt Glebe     Michonne
    Mick + Matt Glebe     Princess Leia
    Mick + Matt Glebe     Spider-Man
    Mick + Matt Glebe     Thor
    Mick + Matt Glebe     Wolverine

Autographed Sketch Cards

    Tim Shay              Selene                           Kate Beckinsale

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©2015 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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