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League of Nations
   Novelty Gum - 1930s

Notes: Cards are 2-1/2" x 3" with color artwork on fronts and demographic text 
on backs. The display box announces "League of Nations of the World History" 
and "illustrated with Flags and Native Characters." American Card Catalog refer-
ence is R80. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Title            Subtitle

  1   Abyssinia        A Member
  2   Afghanistan      Not a Member
  3   Alaska           Not a Member
  4   Albania          A Member
  5   Antarctica       Not a Member
  6   Arabia           Not a Member
  7   Argentina        A Member
  8   Bavaria          A Member
  9   Belgium          A Member
 10   Bolivia          A Member
 11   Bulgaria         A Member
 12   Canada           A Member
 13   Chile            A Member
 14   China            A Member
 15   Colombia         A Member
 16   Costa Rica       Not a Member
 17   Cuba             A Member
 18   Ecuador          Not a Member
 19   Egypt            Not a Member
 20   England          A Member
 21   France           A Member
 22   Germany          A Member
 23   Greece           A Member
 24   Greenland        Not a Member
 25   Haiti            Not a Member
 26   Holland          A Member
 27   Hungary          A Member
 28   Ireland          A Member
 29   Italy            A Member
 30   Japan            Not a Member
 31   Luxemburg        A Member
 32   Mexico           Not a Member
 33   Montenegro       A Member
 34   Norway           A Member
 35   Palestine        By Mandate of League of Nations to England
 36   Panama           A Member
 37   Peru             A Member
 38   Poland           A Member
 39   Polynesia        Not a Member
 40   Roumania         A Member
 41   Russia           Not a Member
 42   Sardinia         A Member
 43   Scotland         A Member
 44   Serbia           A Member
 45   Siam             A Member
 46   Spain            A Member
 47   Sweden           A Member
 48   Switzerland      A Member
 49   Turkey           Not a Member
 50   United States    Not a Member

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