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League of Nations: World Leaders - 1st Series
CaliCo - 1989

Notes:  The series was originally sold as a cello-wrapped full set. A second series 
was three times as large, and featured world leaders plus Pete Rose. (I guess he 
was more famous as a baseball player than George Bush. I believe the Chinese 
leader was a different guy from the table tennis star of the same name.) Thanks 
much to John Rand for the checklist!

   Nation            Leader

   Great Britain     Margaret Thatcher
   Brazil            Jose Sarney
   South Africa      Pieter Botha
   Saudi Arabia      Fahd Bin Abdulaziz
   Canada            Brian Mulroney
   USSR              Mikhail Gorbachev
   Japan             Noboru Takeshita (Resigned)
   China             Li Peng
   Poland            Wojciech Jaruzelski
   India             Rajiv Gandhi
   Philippines       Corazon Aquino
   Iran              Ruholla Khomeini
   Zimbabwe          Robert Mugabe
   France            Franciose Mitterand
   Libya             Muammar Khadifi
   USA               George Bush
   Israel            Yitzhak Shamir
   West Germany      Helmut Kohl

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