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Leave It to Beaver
   Pacific Trading Cards - 1983

Notes: Cards feature black-and-white screen shots, with short text or features on 
card backs. Thanks much to Brian Kutz for assistance!

Box: 36 packs of 10 cards.
Common sets (60): approx. 6.0 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Caption

  1   The Beaver
  2   Mr. and Mrs. Cleaver
  3   Fishing at Friends Lake
  4   Archery Practice for the Boys
  5   Fishing at Shadow lake
  6   Wally Cleaver
  7   Wally, I don't think this is going to work - Beaver
  8   A Valentine for Mom
  9   The Hypnotist
 10   Beaver, breakfast is not a race. - June
 11   St. Patrick's Day
 12   Hide and Seek
 13   Go see a girl? I'd rather smell a skunk. - Beaver
 14   Fun at the Beach
 15   Working Out
 16   Where's the Beaver? - June
 17   Nobody can hurt you when you're sleepin' in bed. - Beaver
 18   I guess there's two things that'll always be in the world ... Dirt and homework - Beaver
 19   June's Birthday
 20   Ward's Baseball
 21   Beav, you sure get a lot of fun out of doin' nothin'. - Wally
 22   Ward, I'm very worried about the Beaver. - June
 23   Hobby Time
 24   June and Wally
 25   Beaver's Tree
 26   Family Time
 27   If I had my choice between a three-pound bass and a girl, I'd take the three-pound bass. - Beaver
 28   Wally's New Suit
 29   Thanks an awful lot, Dad ... It sure is good when your father's a friend - Beaver
 30   Wally's Haircomb
 31   Beaver's Tree Comes Home
 32   Wally and Beaver ready for summer
 33   School Time
 34   Wally's Track Meet
 35   Throwing a Pass
 36   Beaver at Bat
 37   Captain of the Varsity Football Team
 38   Beaver's New Bike
 39   A kid like Eddie Haskell only comes along about once in a couple hundred years. - Wally
 40   Fourth of July
 41   June Cleaver
 42   Helping Mom
 43   A Hug from Mom
 44   Catching a Pass
 45   Catching Frogs on Miller's Pond
 46   Eddie Haskell
 47   Smiley and Hoppy
 48   Off to School
 49   You know something, Wally, I'd rather do nothin' with you than somethin' with anybody else. - Beaver
 50   I'm glad we don't have a girl. Our staircase isn't wide enough for her to throw her bridal bouquet from. - June
 51   Going Swimming
 52   The Haunted House
 53   Ward Cleaver
 54   He's got that little kid expression on his face all the time, but he's not really as goofy as he looks. - Wally
 55   Beaver's Football Team
 56   Theodore Cleaver
 57   Gee, I wouldn't mind facin' the truth if so much hollerin' didn't go with it. - Beaver
 58   Please don't cry, Mom. I'll do anything you want. I'll even kill myself if you don't cry. - Beaver
 59   This is vacation. Your parents aren't allowed to make you work all the time. It's a state law. - Eddie
 60   The Cleaver Family

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