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The Jim Lee Trading Card Set
   Comic Images - 1990

Note: Thanks much to Peter Lissens for the original list and to Amalia Barrios 
for additions!

Box: 50 packs of 5 cards + header card.
Common sets (45+1): approx. 5.56 per box if collation were perfect.

 No.    Title              Character(s)

   --   Jim Lee Trading Cards [header card]

    1   Surprise!          Wolverine
    2   Beast
    3   Two against...     Sasquatch, Guardian
    4   Dreamqueen
    5   Puck
    6   Blast Off!         Box, Guardian
    7   Purple Man
    8   Sub-Mariner
    9   Double Take!       Wolverine, Punisher
   10   To the death!      Punisher
   11   African Saga       Wolverine
   12   Gator fight        Punisher
   13   Survival           Wolverine, Punisher
   14   Shot!              Wolverine, Punisher
   15   Black Widow        Punisher
   16   Bushwaker          Punisher
   17   Stay back!         Spider-Man, Punisher
   18   Teamwork           Spider-Man, Punisher
   19   J. J. Jameson
   20   Vacation           Punisher
   21   Jet ski            Punisher
   22   Aloha!             Punisher
   23   Armory             Punisher
   24   Mandarin           Wolverine
   25   Hear I am!         Wolverine
   26   Lady Mandarin      Wolverine
   27   Meditation         Wolverine
   28   Banshee
   29   Jean Grey
   30   Animal Rage        Wolverine
   31   It's my turn!      Wolverine
   32   Night stalker      Wolverine
   33   Youth              Wolverine
   34   Logan & Reed
   35   Hulk
   36   Blackheart         Punisher
   37   Ghost Rider
   38   Harriers           Wolverine, Psylocke, Jubilee
   39   Trio               Wolverine, Captain America, Black Widow
   40   Quasar
   41   Wild Child
   42   Caught             X-Men
   43   Vindicator
   44   Fight back!        Wolverine, Alpha Flight
   45   Checklist

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