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   Majestic - 1993

Notes:  The guides are a bit confusing about "promos".  I see listings for "black and
white ashcan promos" which seem to mix up the 9-card S.T.A.T. ashcan set (inserted
in Legacy packs and advertising a later-canceled card set) with the 9-card B&W Preview
Set, which does not show "ashcans" in the original meaning of the word, but I see
that the word is now used to describe just about any mock-up of a comic, usually
in black-and-white. The Legacy Ashcans listed in the promo section below were 
also pack inserts for the Comics FutureStars series. Thanks much to LMA and Sean 
Wright for updates!

No.   Dialog/Text/Title
Box: 36 packs of 9 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.10 per box if collation were perfect.

Legacy Issue #0

  1   Once upon a time a heroe appeared on Eart
  2   The things he could do were fantastic, a
  3   ... and so he was named.
  4   It took us a while ... There were quite
  5   ... But over the years we came to accept
  6   Then the impossible happened. The Protec
  7   The Protector knew he had changed this w
  8   In the days before his death he chose a
  9   So, in his final days, the Protector emp
 10   I hope none of you guys are afraid of th
 11   Yee haw!
 12   [What a nut!]
 13   [No... 'S okay ... I'm all right.]
 14   [Hey ... I'm sorry. Seems like I forgot]
 15   Boy, this would sure take me back to my
 16   Oh, great ... It's that psycho, Dark Bob
 17   Radio him that we're leaving.
 18   You have to choose your battles wisely,
 19   Omigosh! I almost forgot! You know how C
 20   Well, only this morning I learned that I
 21   To change nasty old soft drink cans into
 22   Cute woodland animals!
 23   ... sniff ... That's great, Will ... sni
 24   Will ... I tried to tell Caroline, but .
 25   Well ... I ... Boy, this is really hard.
 26   What is it, dear? What's troubling you?
 27   If I ask you something, will you keep it
 28   Do we want him?
 29   The Texax rogue group now numbers nine,
 30   Seven activated, two non.
 31   They're still being tracked by the fanat
 32   Edge, the female, seems to be their unof
 33   [Understatement of the year, son.]
 34   Protocol dictates we step in, but Intell
 35   Intelligence thinks we should let these
 36   ... We don't think that's a very good id
 37   The Pacific Highness cruise ship.
 38   prepare to meet your--
 39   Doom!
 40   Legacy!
 41   Don't try to hide, twerp!
 42   [You made the right choice the first ti]
 43   Mr. Z said you were gonna be here!
 44   I'll find you if I have to tear this boa
 45   Punch - hurt - kill - Kill demands satis
 46   No! Make it stop!
 47   Caroline ... Is there anything I ...
 48   You heard the boss, circuit-head!
 49   Try to hold on, Marilyn. Activation affe
 50   Caroline ... Let's go!
 51   Stop! What are you doing?
 52   Ka-Thoom!
 53   Hold on!
 54   What's all the noise? Can't a fella take
 55   I buried him. He's somewhere safe.
 56   Who do you think you are? How dare you!
 57   You bet your life, bad show! You can't j
 58   Relax, Caroline, I'll handle everything.
 59   Worldwatch has intercepted a distress ca
 60   Right ... I'm on it.
 61   With all those passengers you're going t
 62   He's off on patrol.
 63   No, you dunderhead, it isn't.
 64   Everyone keep back. That's a F.I.R.M. je
 65   Oh, boy ... There's Bodycount ...
 66   ... and Grill. This looks bad.
 67   Those two powered goons are assigned to
 68   Cademous Zark!
 69   Charmed, I'm certain.
 70   No one move -- I'll try to handle this.
 71   Brace yourself, dearest, the Philistines
 72   Cademous Zark on Venture Island?
 73   You can't be serious, Zark!
 74   Well, it's fading rapidly. So either you
 75   Island proximity alert.
 76   What does the F.I.R.M. want with Venture
 77   You fool! Do you really think --
 78   ... hmmm?
 79   That's enough, Zark!
 80   First time for everything.
 81   I forgot ... This guy controls metals.
 82   I believe these are the last two, Captai
 83   If there's nothing else ...
 84   That freak came here looking for you, Le
 85   All these people paid the price!
 86   (no text)
 87   So yes, there is a problem ... and I thi
 88   The Protector was a real hero. You aren'
 89   Go on -- run away!
 90   You ain't nothing!
 91   Boom!
 92   Boink
 93   Braka-braka-
 94   You hit Grill hard -- You really showed
 95   Give me my hands back and I'll show you
 96   Attention, Howards. The heroes are at a
 97   Woosh!
 98   Fa-Poom
 99   [... grunt ... Hey, Grill ... ugh ... I]
100   "Me, I love 'em. My mom bought me a toy
101   Really! It was for Christmas!
102   Relax, we'll be stopping ... in about th
103   ... stop it ... please!
104   Maybe next time you'll listen to me.
105   ... She can make you think you've --
106   Since mankind first set foot on the plan
107   We took all the resources she had to off
108   All the planet has ever known was giving
109   Any day, Iron Shorts!
110   All right ... I'm letting him go! Let's
111   He bursts a blood vessel, if he's not ca
112   It's over! We won!
113   I'm disappointed. They're all dead and I
114   We won! We crushed 'em!
115   [Let's move!]
116   It's over, Zark. I'm sure you'll like pr
117   Ten minutes ago I used this transmitter
118   (no text)
119   (no text)
120   (no text)
121   (no text)
122   (no text)
123   Hmmm ... Decisions, decisions.
124   Go get Brooks.
125   I transferred in three days ago.
126   Well, I've got visuals on a logging crew


Legacy #1 Pin Up

127   Legacy #1 cover, card one
128   Legacy #1 cover, card two
129   Legacy #1 cover, card three
130   Legacy #1 cover, card four
131   Legacy #1 cover, card five
132   Legacy #1 cover, card six
133   Legacy #1 cover, card seven
134   Legacy #1 cover, card eight
135   Legacy #1 cover, card nine

Character Cards

136   Howard
137   Grill
138   Fire Flight
139   Venture Island
140   Caroline Rand

Artist Biographies

141   Fred Schiller
142   Dan Lawlis
143   Stan Woch
144   Paul Mounts

A Comic in Progress

145   Script & Pencils ...
146   Letters & Inks ...
147   Production ...
148   Colors ...
149   Post Production / Checklist ...

150   Bonus ...


Dyna-Etch Cards (1:18 packs)

D1    The Protector
D2    Triphammer
D3    Cademous Zark
D4    Dark Bob
D5    Dumbstruck
D6    Bodycount
D7    Legacy
D8    Iron Will
D9    Punch-Hurt-Kill-Kill

S.T.A.T. Ashcan Promos (Legacy Inserts) (1:5 packs)

A-1   Meeg!
A-2   No ... Ginny!
A-3   Hard Act -- I put you on Crowd Control w
A-4   Here, sir.
A-5   Trick Shot ... Front and center!
A-6   You two, get those civilians out of here
A-7   Watch this!
A-8   Pow! Kepow! Pow!
A-9   Rubber bullets ... That's all I need.

Card Album

 --   (Binder)
 --   (Nineteen 9-pocket pages)
 --   The Protector knew he was dying and he n  [special binder card]


Color Preview Set
Originally distributed one-per-cello-pack as dealer promos; artwork is by Dan
Lawlis. Card backs state, "This is one of a nine card promo subset introducing a new
line of intercollectable COMICARDS."

P-1   Once upon a time a hero appeared on Earth
P-2   The things he could do were fantastic, and he pledged to be our protector...
P-3   ...... and so he was named
P-4   It took us awhile..there were quite a few skeptics
P-5   ... But over the years we came to accept this Protector,
P-6   Then the impossible happened. The protec
P-7   The protector knew he had changed this world.
P-8   In the days before his death he chose a

B&W 'Ashcan' Set
This set has the same images as the Color Preview Set, but in black and white, and
form a 9-card comic 'puzzle' when assembled in a 9-pocket sheet. They were issued
with multiple cards in cello packs. Card backs state, "This is one of a nine card
ashcan subset introducing a new line of intercollectable COMICARDS."

 1    Once upon a time a hero appeared on Earth
 2    The things he could do were fantastic, and he pledged to be our protector...
 3    ...... and so he was named
 4    It took us a while... There were quite a few skeptics...
 5    ... But over the years we came to accept this Protector,
 6    Then the impossible happened. The protec
 7    The protector knew he had changed this world.
 8    In the days before his death he chose a

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