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Legendary Badmen of the West
Mother Productions - 1992

Note:  These oversized (2-3/4" x 3-3/4") cards are usually distributed as a boxed
factory set.  An alternate title, found on one side of the factory box, is: "Wanted
Dead or Alive: Criminals & Outlaws of the Old West."  Other descriptive text
includes, "The original bad dudes of The West who knew dead men tell no
tales..." and "Each card features the infamous outlaw's mugshot, and criminal
biography!"  The card numbers are not printed on the cards, but are listed with
numbers on the printed checklist card.

No.   Title

  1   John Dillinger
  2   "Pretty Boy" Floyd
  3   Bonnie & Clyde
  4   Oliver "Curt" Perry
  5   Lampeao
  6   "Pancho Villa"
  7   Henry Starr
  8   "Deadwood Dick"
  9   Frank James
 10   Cole Younger
 11   "The Wild Man"
 12   Marion Hedgspeth
 13   "Deacon Jim" Miller
 14   "Butch" Cassidy
 15   "The Sundance Kid"
 16   "Kid Curry"
 17   "Calamity Jane"
 18   Tom Horn
 19   Harry Tracy
 20   "Black Jack" Ketchum
 21   "Cherokee Bill"
 22   Bill Doolin
 23   John Wesley Hardin
 24   The Apache Kid
 25   Bob Dalton
 26   Daltons! [Coffeyville]
 27   Ned Christie
 28   "Mysterious Dave" Mather
 29   "Black Bart"
 30   Belle Starr
 31   Billy Thompson
 32   "Doc" Holliday
 33   Ben Thompson
 34   King Fisher
 35   Tombstone Epitaph [OK Corral]
 36   Jesse James
 37   Ned Kelly
 38   "Billy the Kid"
 39   Clay Allison
 40   "Wild Bill" Longley
 41   Sam Bass
 42   Reward! - Dead or Alive - [Northfield]
 43   Tiburcio Vasquez
 44   Frank "Trick" Reno
 45   William Clarke Quantrill
 46   Joaquin Murieta

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