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Lexx Collectors Premium Preview Card Set
Dynamic Forces - 2001

Notes:  Distributed as boxed factory preview sets (or cello pack for Suncoast set). 
Thanks to David Rosciszewski for the updates!


         Card Text

  --     The Lexx, known as the Destroyer of planets, is th
  --     On the run from His Divine Shadow and constantly e
  --     Xev gives new meaning to heavenly body. She really
  --     Xev Bellringer was to be a wife, but that didn't q
  --     Stanley Tweedle is a Security Guard Fourth Class.
  --     Kai was the last of the Brunnen-G. Imagine his sur

  --     [Certificate of Authenticity]


         Card Text

  --     I am the Lexx. I am the most powerful weapon of de
  --     The oddball Lexx crew consists of Xev the love sla
  --     Zev was reborn into Xev after an unfortunate event
  --     Thanks to the introduction of Cluster Lizard DNA i
  --     After running out on his triple organ donation of
  --     One of the only benefits of being dead is that you

PROMO SET (Suncoast Video)

 No.     Card Text

1 of 4   You need meeee, Seven Ninetyeeee! I'm the technolo
2 of 4   Stanley sets the navigational controls for 36-24-3
3 of 4   2000 years ago Kai's planet was destroyed by His D
4 of 4   Xev is a love slave and by her very enhanced natur

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