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License Plates
   Goudey - 1936

Notes: Possibly additional cardboard representations of automobile license 
plates were made regionally or were scarce, but this list is believed to be 
complete for cards that have survived. American Card Catalog reference is 
R19-1. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

   State               Plate Number

   Arkansas            35 698
   Connecticut         6980
   Florida             624-573
   Illinois            621-194
   Indiana             5493
   Iowa                50-2496
   Kansas              23-7498
   Kentucky            216-194
   Louisiana           20-569
   Maine               601-510
   Maryland            16-709
   Massachusetts       620-785
   Michigan            A 24673
   Minnesota           A 39-931
   Mississippi         106-907
   Missouri            501-100
   Montana             10-356
   Nebraska            19-294
   New Hampshire       98-542
   New Jersey          H9078
   New Mexico          362
   New York            5Y62-43
   North Carolina      630-920
   North Dakota        2-369
   Ohio                GT-284
   Oklahoma            529-846
   Oregon              205-946
   South Carolina      A-02-946
   South Dakota        26-5321
   Texas               502-496
   Utah                102-694
   Virginia            85-964
   West Virginia       200-169
   Wisconsin           6589
   Wyoming             23-8195

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