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Lighthouses of Yesteryear
Photographic Concepts - 1994

Notes: The set features sepia-tone photos from the mid 1800s thru the early 1900s.
Many thanks to Todd Jordan for the checklist!

No.   Title

  1   Avery Rock Lighthouse
  2   Crabtree Ledge Lighthouse
  3   Cuckolds Fog Signal Station
  4   Deer Island Lighthouse
  5   Dice Head Lighthouse
  6   Eagle Island Lighthouse
  7   Indian Island Lighthouse
  8   Manana Island Fog Station
  9   Matinicus Rock Lighthouse
 10   Mt. Desert Island Lighthouse
 11   Nash Island Lighthouse
 12   Cape Neddick (Nubble) Lighthouse
 13   Petit Manan Lighthouse
 14   Portland Head Lighthouse
 15   Saint Croix River Lighthouse
 16   Wood Island Lighthouse
 17   Bird Island Lighthouse
 18   Brandt Point Lighthouse
 19   Chatham North & South Lighthouse
 20   Deer Island Lighthouse
 21   Gay Head Lighthouse
 22   The Graves Lighthouse
 23   The Graves Construction
 24   The Graves Construction
 25   The Graves Construction
 26   Hyannis Lighthouse
 27   Long Point Lighthouse
 28   Marblehead Lighthouse
 29   Mayo's Beach Lighthouse
 30   Narrows Lighthouse
 31   Nobska Lighthouse
 32   Race Point Lighthouse
 33   Sandy Neck Lighthouse
 34   Sankaty Head Lighthouse
 35   Stage Harbor Lighthouse
 36   Three Sisters of Nauset Lighthouse
 37   Admiralty Head Lighthouse
 38   New Dungeness Lighthouse
 39   New Dungeness Fog Signal Station
 40   Smith Island Lighthouse
 41   Willapa Bay Lighthouse
 42   Lloyd's Harbor Lighthouse
 43   Bristol Ferry Lighthouse
 44   Bullock's Point Lighthouse
 45   Fort Sumter Lighthouse
 46   Georgetown Lighthouse
 47   Federal Point Lighthouse
 48   Juniper Island Lighthouse
 49   Sentinel Island Lighthouse
 50   Checklist

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