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The Lincoln Assassination Set
Freedom Press - 1992

Note:  Originally distributed as a complete boxed set.

No.   Card Text

  1   Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the
  2   On the morning of April 14th, 1865, Good Frida
  3   At approximately 11:30 a.m. on April 14, 1865
  4   This is a photograph of John Wilkes Booth who
  5   No one knows when John Wilkes Booth snuck back
  6   This is a photograph of the bar of wood that B
  7   Here are photographs of the three people who h
  8   This is a photograph of the actual Victorian r
  9   This photograph shows the actual Derringer pis
 10   After dropping his pistol John Wilkes Booth us
 11   This is a close up of the box at Ford's Theate
 12   After being carried out of Ford's Theater the
 13   This is a photograph of Lincoln's Secretary of
 14   This is a copy of the offical Lincoln Assassin
 15   This oversized, handmade lead bullet is the ac
 16   Lincoln's trademark tophat was later found in
 17   This is a photograph of John Wilkes Booth's le
 18   Photographs of Abraham Lincoln in death are ve
 19   This is a closeup of the gurney photograph sho
 20   This is the world famous Lincoln in death hoax
 21   This is one of the nine car funeral trains tha
 22   This is an official funeral procession photogr
 23   This is a lithograph by Indiana artist George
 24   This is a photograph of President Lincoln's to
 25   On April 26th, 1865 a detachment of 25 soldier
 26   John Wilkes Booth, after being mortally wounde
 27   This is a photo of the Surratt Boarding House
 28   All of the eight accused conspirators were ord
 29   Co-conspirator Dr. Samuel A. Mudd was accused
 30   Co-conspirator Edward Spangler was an old frie
 31   Co-conspirator Samuel Arnold was an old school
 32   Co-conspiratory John Surratt was a Confederate
 33   Co-conspirator Michael O'Laughlin was an old s
 34   On the morning of July 6th, 1865, four of the
 35   July 7th, 1865. This unbelievable photograph t
 36   Co-conspirator widow Mary E. Surratt was the o
 37   Co-conspirator Lewis T. Powell (alias Lewis Pa
 38   Co-conspirator David Herold was a drugstore cl
 39   Co-conspirator George Atzerodt was a German ca
 40   In February of 1865, sculptor Clark Mills went

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