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The Lion King Widevision
SkyBox - 1994

Notes:  This version, in widevision format, was distributed as a factory
tin set.  Thanks much to Jan Burns Cederquist for the checklist!

No.   Card Text

 01   In the majestic African pride lands a new lion king
 02   The sun rises full and brilliant over the African plain.
 03   High atop the plateau, Mufasa looks at the animals
 04   The age-old anointing ceremony begins. Like an
 05   After Simba's presentation, Mufasa and Zazu pay
 06   Time passes...the little infant Simba grows into a
 07   Hyenas, unwelcome intruders, have infiltrated the
 08   Eager to share his news, Simba finds his best
 09   While Simba and Nala trot along whispering their
 10   As Simba sings, his imaginary kingdom grows
 11   Upon reaching the elephant graveyard, Simba and
 12   Walking toward a gaping eye socket, Simba is
 13   The nasty trio corner Simba and Nala, arguing
 14   Circling the cage of bones, the hyenas terrorize
 15   Angered by Simba's deliberate disobedience,
 16   Later, as a gentle wind blows, Mufasa and Simba
 17   Scar visits the hyenas' lair, and it's obvious that
 18   The calculating Scar puts his treacherous plan
 19   As he works on developing a deeper roar, Simba
 20   Racing behind the wildebeest, the evil trio of
 21   Panic-stricken, Simba desperately scrambles for
 22   Mufasa makes a valiant leap and catches Simba.
 23   Safe on the ledge, Simba watches as his father falls
 24   Wounded and weary, Mufasa gathers what little
 25   Savoring his moment of power, Scar looms large
 26   Running into the dust-filled gorge, Simba rushes
 27   Just one step away from absolute rule of the
 28   Meanwhile, Scar returns to Pride Rock, hiding his
 29   As the evil Scar institutes his rule of the pride lands
 30   The buzzards circle closer and begin to approach
 31   At the edge of the jungle, Pumbaa and Timon watch
 32   As Pumbaa and Timon show Simba around the
 33   Time passes, and Simba grows into a strong,
 34   Elsewhere, in a hidden cave, Rafiki deftly goes
 35   Unaware of Rafiki's journey, Simba and his friends
 36   Nala is amazed to see Simba, she has believed
 37   As Nala sleeps, Simba steals away to ponder her
 38   Rafiki beckons for Simba to follow.  Dashing through
 39   The wind blows, clouds build on the horizon. Simba
 40   Inspired by his vision of his father, Simba faces his
 41   Never suspecting that Simba was still alive, Scar
 42   The sky grows dark.  Lightning flashes illuminate
 43   Believing he has seen Mufasa's ghost, Scar
 44   From a ledge, Nala and the lionesses watch Simba
 45   As Simba clings precariously to the edge of the
 46   Scar cries out for his evil allies, the hyenas, to help
 47   In the thick of the fight, the lionesses toss Banzai
 48   Simba breaks free at last from the fighting and looks
 49   The battle if finally over. Scar's evil reign of terror has
 50   Time passes.  The pride lands once again flourish

©2002 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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