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The Lion King
Skybox - 1994

Notes:  Also available was a 50-oversized-card factory tin set and 16 special
cards available with refreshment purchase at theatres.  The 9-up promo panel
is not the same as the 9-up sheet that was included in binders sold at
Disney stores.  The color-in cards were distributed exclusively in WalMart
packs, while the other chase cards were distributed only in Hobby packs.
(Thanks to Carlos Aranda-Díaz for info on the 9-up cards and the albums!)

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.15 per box if collation were perfect.

No.  Title

 01  A tale of courage, adventure and humor
 02  Animals and birds stir
 03  The animals wait
 04  The ceremony is about to begin
 05  Rafiki lifts Simba for all to see
 06  "Don't turn your back on me!"
 07  Everything the light touches is our kingdom
 08  The forbidden elephant graveyard
 09  Eager for adventure
 10  "I just can't wait to be king."
 11  The getaway
 12  A spectacular zebra salute
 13  A brightly-colored pyramid
 14  Toward the elephant graveyard
 15  A spooky sight to behold
 16  "I laugh in the face of danger."
 17  A trio of vicious, wise-cracking hyenas
 18  "Did we order this dinner to go?"
 19  Trapped!
 20  A mighty roar erupts
 21  "Dad, I'm ... I'm sorry."
 22  "The kings will always be there to guide you."
 23  Scar sings of his plan
 24  A surprise to die for
 25  Simba runs for his life
 26  Mufasa plunges into the gorge
 27  "Hold on!"
 28  Mufasa catches Simba
 29  Mufasa disappears
 30  Mufasa fears for his life
 31  "Long live the king."
 32  "Noooooooo!"+C69
 33  Simba runs away
 34  Escape from the hyenas
 35  Pin cushions and cactuss butts
 36  Scar assumes the throne
 37  Buzzards fly overhead
 38  "Jeez, it's a lion!"
 39  Hakuna Matata
 40  A jungle paradise
 41  Fresh out of zebra
 42  The fine art of eating bugs
 43  The great kings of the past
 44  It is time
 45  Run for your life
 46  It's Nala!
 47  "You wouldn't understand."
 48  "You said you'd always be there..."
 49  An odd little voice sings
 50  "I know your father."
 51  "He lives in you."
 52  "Remember who you are."
 53  Simba marches toward his destiny
 54  Forced to hunt for food
 55  There is no food
 56  Simba is revealed
 57  "I'm a little surprised to see you -- alive."
 58  Either step down as king or fight
 59  "It was an accident."
 60  A blast of fury
 61  A large roar grows
 62  "Eeeee-yaaaaa!"+C99
 63  To a pack of hungry hyenas below
 64  Simba takes his place in the Circle of Life
 65  A new lion king is born

Character Cards

 66  Simba
 67  Mufasa
 68  Sarabi
 69  Nala
 70  Scar
 71  Zazu
 72  Rafiki
 73  Timon
 74  Pumbaa
 75  Hyenas

The Circle of Life

 76  The Circle of Life - Birth
 77  The Circle of Life - Childhood
 78  The Circle of Life - Loss
 79  The Circle of Life - Young Simba
 80  The Circle of Life - Romance
 81  The Circle of Life - Adulthood
 82  The Circle of Life - Rebirth

Animal Humor

 83  Man, Are You Ugleeeee!
 84  Dangling at the Bottom of the Food Chain.
 85  Who You Callin' Oopid-Stay?
 86  Sit Down Before You Hurt Yourself.
 87  Mooo Oooo Oove It!
 88  Home Is Where Your Rump Rests.

 89  Checklist Card A
 90  Checklist Card B


Embossed Foils (1:12 packs)

F1   Simba
F2   Mufasa
F3   Nala
F4   Scar
F5   Rafiki
F6   Zazu
F7   Pumbaa
F8   Timon
F9   Shenzi, Banzai and Ed

Pop-Up Cards (1:24 packs)

P1   Simba - I Just Can't Wait To Be King!
P2   Rafiki - Circle of Life
P3   Mufasa - Remember Who You Are.
P4   Banzai - Who You Callin' Oopid-Stay?
P5   Scar - The Evil Uncle

Lenticular Holograms (1:180 packs)

L1   "I Never Get To Go Anywhere!"
L2   Future King of the Jungle

Color-In Cards (Wal-Mart)

C1   Simba
C2   Nala
C3   Pumbaa
C4   Timon
C5   Rafiki

Card Albums

--   (Green and yellow with young Simba on front; retail)
--   (Mostly blue, Pride Rock on front; Disney Stores)


---  (9-up panel: Foil Cards F1-F9 with a 3/4-inch border)
T1   (Collect)
LK   (5x7 card)

©1999, 2000, 2002 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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