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Lost In Space
   Topps - 1966

Notes:  All card photos are black-and-white images.  Shortprints and overprints 
are reported for the original series. A reprint set included the original 55 cards plus 
a title card.  Many thanks to Steve Lillard for the main checklist, to Sam Rogers 
for the reprint descriptions, and to Al Calosso and Scott Williams for updates!  
American Card Catalog reference is R714-36. Scans are posted at the Vintage 
Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Title

  1   The World Waits
  2   Aliens Are Listening
  3   Ready For Take-Off
  4   The Pilot Dreams
  5   Good-Bye Earth!
  6   Destination-The Stars!
  7   Ship Off Course
  8   Silence From Earth
  9   The Mystery Below
 10   Who Goes There?
 11   The Stowaway
 12   Ready The Robot
 13   Fear On Board
 14   Terror Strikes
 15   Trapped!
 16   Two In Danger
 17   Danger Ahead
 18   A New Peril
 19   No Escape
 20   Last Chance
 21   The Metal Menace
 22   Shock Landing
 23   Victim Of The Crash
 24   Opening The Way
 25   Robot Research
 26   The Strange Planet
 27   The Chariot
 28   Robot Reporting
 29   Alarming News
 30   Urgent Warning
 31   The Ground Trembles
 32   The Deadly Sun
 33   Safe From The Sun
 34   The Robinsons Report
 35   Penny's Pets
 36   Where Is Penny?
 37   The Plants Of Peril
 38   The Terrible Sight
 39   The Plants' Prey
 40   Lost In Darkness
 41   The Mystery Ship
 42   Running For Help
 43   The Search
 44   In The Lost City
 45   The Stranger Helps
 46   The Terrible Cold
 47   What Was That?
 48   One-Eyed Terror
 49   The Giant Threatens
 50   The Awesome Menace
 51   Readying An Attack
 52   The Flying Warrior
 53   The Battle Begins
 54   In Death's Grip
 55   Facing The Future


Uncut Sheets

 --   (3-card strip; silver foil)
 --   (4-card strip)

REPRINT SET (numbered to 1966)

The reprint set duplicates the contents of the 1966 original issue,
and was marketed with a 56th cover/title card that pictures the
wrapper.  The card front states "Lost ... in ... Space ... 5 cents"
... Bubble Gum" while the card front states "Lost in Space [in bold]
... Limited Edition ... Reprint Set ... Mini ... #[xxx] of 1966".

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