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Lost in Space: The Classic Series
Inkworks - 1997

Note:  The Movie Preview cards are part of the basic set. Many thanks to
Jerie Wills, Ray Tucker, GA, Neil Tring, and Kathy for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.04 per box if collation were perfect.

No.  Title

 1   Lost in Space

Launching Lost in Space

 2   A Family Affair
 3   Letting Her Hair Down
 4   Matters of Life and Death
 5   Partners in Survival
 6   Irwin Allen Directs
 7   space (and Television) Pioneers
 8   Mom and Dad Save the Universe
 9   Monsters, We Need Monsters

Never Fear...Smith Is Here!

10   Enter Zachary Smith
11   The Doctor's Insidious Plan
12   And Remember... Be Careful Out There
13   Two of a Kind?
14   The Fortune Seekers
15   Head-ing for Trouble
16   All That Glitters...
17   Harris Harassed
18   The Tireless Twosome

Amazing Encounters

19   Time Off for Goofy Behavior?
20   One Touch of Cosmonium
21   Galactic Mysteries and Romance
22   Vaudeville in Space
23   The Robot Struts His Stuff
24   At War with the Galaxy
25   Perils and Predicaments
26   Groovy Space Travelers
27   That's Not All, Folks

Techno Futura

28   Family Spacecraft: The Jupiter 2
29   Spaceship in a Jam
30   Bon Voyage!
31   Warning! Warning!
32   Out of Nowhere... The Space Pod!
33   A Chariot for All Seasons
34   He's a Rocket Man

Space Family Portraits

35   The Gang's All Here
36   Greetings from Alpha Centauri!

The Women of Lost in Space

37   Space Heroines
38   Like Mother, Like Daughter
39   Pretty as a Princess
40   Space Vixen
41   An Android Friend
42   Ingenue '65
43   Pretty as a Princess, Part Two
44   Beautiful Dreamer
45   The Best and the Brightest

Memorable Moments

46   A Boy and His Robot
47   Face/Off, Smith Style
48   Promises, Promises
49   Here She Comes... Miss Galaxy!
50   The New-and-Improved Dr. Smith
51   Smith Gets the Point
52   Zero Gravity Tango
53   Cyclops Unmasked
54   The Truth about Willoughby

Classic Episodes

55   The Reluctant Stowaway
56   There Were Giants in the Earth
57   One of Our Dogs Is Missing
58   The Keeper
59   The Haunted Lighthouse
60   The Deadliest of the Species
61   The Time Merchant
62   The Mechanical Men
63   The Great Vegetable Rebellion

Cast Profiles

64   Guy Williams
65   June Lockhart
66   Mark Goddard
67   Marta Kristen
68   Angela Cartwright
69   Bill Mumy
70   Jonathan Harris
71   Bob May / Dick Tufeld
72   Lost in Space Checklist

Movie Preview Cards

M1   Space Lad and His Mom
M2   The Diabolical Dr. Smith
M3   The Jupiter 2
M4   Robinsons in Cryo-Sleep
M5   Repairing the Ship
M6   Helmeted Don West
M7   The Robot
M8   Marvels of Mankind
M9   Challenging Tomorrow


Weird Aliens (1:17 packs)

A1/6  The Cyclops
A2/6  The Frog Man
A3/6  Verda the Android
A4/6  Aliens from "Hunter's Moon"
A5/6  The Golden Man... Unmasked!
A6/6  Tybo, The Carrot Man

Robinson Family (1:11 packs)
The card fronts form a poster showing the family with the robot. The card
backs form a puzzle of Dr. Zachary Smith calling the robot all of the zany
names he used in the show.

P1    (puzzle top right)
P2    (puzzle center right)
P3    (puzzle bottom right)
P4    (puzzle top middle)
P5    (puzzle center)
P6    (puzzle bottom middle)
P7    (puzzle top left)
P8    (puzzle center left)
P9    (puzzle bottom left)

RoboMetallic Card

R1   Danger, Will Robinson!

Punch-Out Robot Card

RP1  [Part of the Display Box; the back is blank.]

Autograph Cards
    (# to 600 and embossed versions of promos; also sold separately)

 P2  Mark Goddard [cast photo]
 P3  Jonathan Harris
 P3  Jonathan Harris [unnumbered copies reported]

Card Album (sold separately)

 --  (Binder)

Uncut Press Sheet (sold separately)


P-1  Brand New! (Dr. Smith and two robots; dealers)
P-2  New! (Dr. Smith hiding behind Robot; dealers)
P-2  Coming in November 1997! (same TV cast photo as above)
P-3  (Dr. Smith with two aliens; Combo, Non-Sport Update, Collect!)
P-3  (signed by Jonathan Harris, # to 600)
P-4  (Robot and Maureen; may exist only as cut from 3-card panel)
--   And... Coming to Theatres in 1998 ... (unnumbered; TV cast photo)

---  (3-card panel, 3-1/2" x 7-1/2"; P3 - No# - P4; Suncoast, Media Play, On-Cue)

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