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The Complete Lost in Space
Rittenhouse Archives - 2005

Notes:   Cards also bear the "Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen" logo. The "reprint" 
set is taken from the 55-card Topps set from 1966, while the expansion set builds 
upon that set in the same style. Further information and scans are posted at the 
Rittenhouse website.

Box: 40 packs of 5 cards. 12 boxes per case.
Common sets: approx. 1.98 per box if collation were perfect.

   No.    Title                                    Episode

     1    Lost In Space [Title Card]

     2    Season One
     3    The Reluctant Stowaway
     4    The Derelict
     5    Island in the Sky
     6    There Were Giants in the Earth
     7    The Hungry Sea
     8    Welcome Stranger
     9    My Friend, Mr. Nobody
    10    Invaders from the Fifth Dimension
    11    The Oasis
    12    The Sky is Falling
    13    Wish Upon a Star
    14    The Raft
    15    One of Our Dogs is Missing
    16    Attack of the Monster Plants
    17    Return from Outer Space
    18    The Keeper, Part 1
    19    The Keeper, Part 2
    20    The Sky Pirate
    21    Ghost in Space
    22    War of the Robots
    23    The Magic Mirror
    24    The Challenge
    25    The Space Trader
    26    His Majesty Smith
    27    The Space Croppers
    28    All That Glitters
    29    The Lost Civilization
    30    A Change of Space
    31    Follow the Leader

    32    Season Two
    33    Blast Off into Space
    34    Wild Adventure
    35    The Ghost Planet
    36    Forbidden World
    37    Space Circus
    38    The Prisoners of Space
    39    The Android Machine
    40    The Deadly Games of Gamma 6
    41    The Thief from Outer Space
    42    The Curse of Cousin Smith
    43    West of Mars
    44    A Visit to Hades
    45    The Wreck of the Robot
    46    The Dream Monster
    47    The Golden Man
    48    The Girl from the Green Dimension
    49    The Questing Beast
    50    The Toymaker
    51    Mutiny in Space
    52    The Space Vikings
    53    Rocket to Earth
    54    The Cave of the Wizards
    55    Treasures of the Lost Planet
    56    Revolt of the Androids
    57    The Colonists
    58    Trip Through the Robot
    59    The Phantom Family
    60    The Mechanical Men
    61    The Astral Traveler
    62    The Galaxy Gift

    63    Season Three
    64    Condemned of Space
    65    Visit to a Hostile Planet
    66    Kidnapped in Space
    67    Hunter's Moon
    68    The Space Primevals
    69    The Space Destructors
    70    The Haunted Lighthouse
    71    Flight into the Future
    72    Collision of the Planets
    73    The Space Creature
    74    Deadliest of the Species
    75    A Day at the Zoo
    76    Two Weeks in Space
    77    Castles in Space
    78    The Anti-Matter Man
    79    Target: Earth
    80    Princess of Space
    81    The Time Merchant
    82    The Promised Planet
    83    Fugitives in Space
    84    Space Beauty
    85    The Flaming Planet
    86    The Great Vegetable Rebellion
    87    Junkyard of Space

    88    Checklist [base set]
    89    Checklist [base and bonus cards]
    90    Checklist [autographs, sketches]


The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (1:8 packs)

    S1    (puzzle top left)
    S2    (puzzle top middle)
    S3    (puzzle top right)
    S4    (puzzle center left)
    S5    (puzzle center)
    S6    (puzzle center right)
    S7    (puzzle bottom left)
    S8    (puzzle bottom middle)
    S9    (puzzle bottom right)

The Faces of Dr. Smith Foils (1:16 packs)

    F1    (puzzle top left)
    F2    (puzzle top middle)
    F3    (puzzle top right)
    F4    (puzzle center left)
    F5    (puzzle center)
    F6    (puzzle center right)
    F7    (puzzle bottom left)
    F8    (puzzle bottom middle)
    F9    (puzzle bottom right)

Lost In Space (Character) Cards (1:20 packs)

     1    John Robinson
     2    Maureen Robinson
     3    Dr. Zachary Smith
     4    Will Robinson
     5    Major Don West
     6    Judy Robinson
     7    Penny Robinson

Autograph Cards (1:20 packs)

       Guest Cast Single Signature Cards

    --    Sheila Mathews Allen as Aunt Gamma       Princess of Space
    --    Sheila Mathews Allen as Brynhilde        The Space Vikings
    --    Sheila Mathews Allen as Ruth Templeton   Return from Outer Space
    --    Michael Ansara as Ruler                  The Challenge
    --    Kevin Hagen as The Master                His Majesty Smith
    --    Dee Hartford as Verda                    Revolt of the Androids
    --    Sherry Jackson as Effra                  The Space Croppers
    --    Arte Johnson as Fedor                    Princess of Space
    --    Vitina Marcus as Athena                  The Girl From The Green Dimension
    --    Don Matheson as Idak                     Revolt of the Androids
    --    Don Matheson as Rethso                   The Sky is Falling
    --    Leonard Stone as Farnum                  A Day at the Zoo
    --    Malachi Throne as Sheik Ali ben Bad      The Thief from Outer Space
    --    Daniel J. Travanti as Space Hippie       Collision of the Planets
    --    Francine York as Niolani                 The Colonists

       Starring Cast Single Signature Cards

    --    Angela Cartwright as Penny Robinson
    --    Mark Goddard as Major Don West
    --    Marta Kristen as Judy Robinson
    --    June Lockhart as Maureen Robinson
    --    Bill Mumy as Will Robinson

       Double Signature Cards

    --    Mark Goddard/Marta Kristen as Major Don West/Judy Robinson
    --    Bill Mumy/Angela Cartwright as Will Robinson/Penny Robinson
    --    Bob May/Dick Tufeld as Robot B9/The Voice of Robot B9

       Triple Signature Card

    --    June Lockhart/Marta Kristen/Angela Cartwright

SketchaFex Cards (1:480 packs)

    --    Cris Bolson: Jupiter 2
    --    Cris Bolson: Space Pos

Case-Topper SketchaFEX

    --    Eduardo Pansica: The Chariot

Multi-Case-Purchase Incentive Cards

    --    SketchaFEX: Eduardo Pansica: Robot B9 (2 cases)
    --    Cut Signature Card: Jonathan Harris as Dr. Smith (6 cases)

1966 Original Lost In Space Cards - Reprint Set (1:8 packs)

  R1      The World Waits
  R2      Aliens are Listening
  R3      Ready for Take-Off
  R4      The Pilot Dreams
  R5      Good-Bye, Earth!
  R6      Destination - The Stars!
  R7      Ship Off Course
  R8      Silence from Earth
  R9      The Mystery Below
  R10     Who Goes There?
  R11     The Stowaway
  R12     Readying the Robot
  R13     Fear on Board
  R14     Terror Strikes
  R15     Trapped!
  R16     Two in Danger
  R17     Danger Ahead
  R18     A New Peril
  R19     No Escape
  R20     Last Chance
  R21     The Metal Menace
  R22     Shock Landing
  R23     Victim of the Crash
  R24     Opening the Way
  R25     Robot Research
  R26     The Strange Planet
  R27     The Chariot
  R28     Robot Reporting
  R29     Alarming News
  R30     Urgent Warning
  R31     The Ground Trembles
  R32     The Deadly Sun
  R33     Safe from the Sun
  R34     The Robinsons Report
  R35     Penny's Pet
  R36     Where Is Penny?
  R37     The Plants of Peril
  R38     The Terrible Sight
  R39     The Plants' Prey
  R40     Lost in Darkness
  R41     The Mystery Ship
  R42     Running for Help
  R43     The Search
  R44     In The Lost City
  R45     The Stranger Helps
  R46     The Terrible Cold
  R47     What Was That?
  R48     One-Eyed Terror
  R49     The Giant Threatens
  R50     The Awesome Menace
  R51     Readying an Attack
  R52     The Flying Warrior
  R53     The Battle Begins
  R54     In Death's Grip
  R55     Facing the Future

1966 Original Lost In Space Cards - Expansion Set (1:8 packs)

  R56     Prof. John Robinson
  R57     Maureen Robinson
  R58     Major Don West
  R59     Will Robinson
  R60     Pilot & Penny Robinson
  R61     Judy Robinson and Friend
  R62     Dr. Zachary Smith
  R63     Final Systems Check
  R64     An Optimistic Outlook
  R65     Robot in Magnetic Lock
  R66     Pre-Launch Admiration
  R67     Five and a Half Year Sleep
  R68     Awaiting the Countdown
  R69     Launch Plus Eight Hours...Destroy!
  R70     A State of Suspended Animation
  R71     Perilous Space-Walk
  R72     Hopelessly Lost in Space
  R73     Ready for Action
  R74     Frozen for the Crash
  R75     Now Who's The Dr.? You or Me?
  R76     Robot Reporting
  R77     Thoughts of Home
  R78     Unessential Liquidations
  R79     Trapped!
  R80     A Boy and His B-9
  R81     The Journey South Begins
  R82     Sentimental Departures
  R83     The Giant Cyclops
  R84     Attack on the Chariot
  R85     Exploring Ancient Ruins
  R86     Tomb Secrets Revealed
  R87     The Sun Shield
  R88     Waiting for Relief
  R89     Interplanetary Survivors
  R90     Devistation Diverted
  R91     Across The Hungry Sea
  R92     Seeking a Humaniod Brain
  R93     A Sinister Plan for the Doctor
  R94     Calling All Creatures
  R95     Unexpected Proposal
  R96     Monsterous Moment of Peril
  R97     The Jet Pack
  R98     The Thought Machine
  R99     I Said, You May Serve Me Now.
  R100    Facing the Robotoid
  R101    Lurking Evil
  R102    You Are the King?
  R103    Computerized Compuations
  R104    Possessed by an Alien Spirit
  R105    Rock 'N' Roll Robot
  R106    Joyful Moments
  R107    Boy Genius
  R108    That Move Does Not Compute!
  R109    A Nefarious Profile
  R110    Never Fear, Smith is Here!

Collectors Album (sold separately)

    --    (binder)
    --    (9-pocket pages)
    --    Fugitives in Space (exclusive costume card)
    P3    (exclusive promo card)

Uncut Sheet (sold separately; numbered to 25)

    --    (90-card panel; signed by Steve Charendoff)


  P1      (general distribution)
  P2      (Non-Sport Update)
  P3      (album exclusive, also listed above)
SD2005    (San Diego Comic Con 2005)
  UK      (United Kingdom)
  --      (dealer sell sheet)

©2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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