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Lost in Space: The Movie
   Inkworks - 1998

Note:  Thanks to Jerie Wills, Marian Heady, and Adrian Stodolka for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.14 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

  1   Lost in Space

Movie Cards

  2   Eagle One
  3   Sedition Raider
  4   Moving Day
  5   Monkey Business
  6   Meet the Press
  7   Launch Dome
  8   A Boy's World
  9   Saboteur
 10   Welcome Aboard
 11   One Last Detail
 12   Betrayed!
 13   Cryosuits
 14   Powering Main Systems
 15   On Your Command
 16   Destroy!
 17   Disable Program!
 18   Berserker
 19   Leap to Safety
 20   Power Down!
 21   Certain Doom
 22   The Life I Save ...
 23   Anywhere But Here
 24   Alien Stars
 25   You're Lucky
 26   The Proteus
 27   Hostile Environment
 28   Captain's Log
 29   An Onboard Jungle
 30   Don't Evolve
 31   Robot Defense
 32   Armed & Dangerous
 33   Let's Move!
 34   Hang On!
 35   Blawp
 36   Can I Keep Her?
 37   Pretty Girl
 38   Star Light, Star Bright
 39   In Control
 40   I'm Coming Back
 41   Come Home
 42   Still Scheming...
 43   Danger, Will Robinson
 44   You're a Doctor
 45   Repairs
 46   Cool!
 47   Smith's Discovery
 48   Blawp, Come Back!
 49   When Are We?
 50   We're Turned Around
 51   Indeed!
 52   This Can't Be!
 53   I'm Your Son
 54   Rescue Party
 55   No Two Alike
 56   Where Are We?
 57   I'll Change History
 58   A Brief Lesson
 59   Never Fear...
 60   Matter of Survival
 61   ... Smith Is Here
 62   Kill Them All!
 63   I Am a God
 64   Halt!
 65   Robot Will Save
 66   He's Still Breathing
 67   Jump!
 68   Evil's True Form
 69   A Close Call
 70   No Choice At All
 71   Come with Us!
 72   Don't Forget Me

Behind the Scenes Cards

 73   Set Design
 74   The Line of Fire
 75   Danger!
 76   A Perfect Fit
 77   It Takes Six
 78   All Grown Up
 79   Hangin' Around
 80   Just Relax!
 81   In Between Takes

Character Cards

 82   Professor John Robinson
 83   Maureen Robinson
 84   Dr. Judy Robinson
 85   Penny Robinson
 86   Will Robinson
 87   Major Don West
 88   Dr. Zachary Smith
 89   Mission Robot
 90   Checklist


Double Feature Foils (1:11 packs)

DF1   John Robinson
DF2   Maureen Robinson
DF3   Judy Robinson
DF4   Penny Robinson
DF5   Will Robinson
DF6   Major Don West
DF7   Zachary Smith
DF8   Mission Robot
DF9   Blawp/Debbie

War of the Robots Spectras (1:24 packs)

R1    The Mission's Robot
R2    Will's Robot
R3    B-9
R4    Robot Ancestry

Jupiter 2 Card (1:108 packs)

J1    Jupiter 2

Autographed Cards

A-1   Mimi Rodgers
A-2   Lacey Chabert
A-3   Jack Johnson
---   (Autograph Redemption Cards)

Card Album

 --   (Binder)

Uncut Sheet


 0    (Starlog mail-in offer)
MP00  (Cards Inc., U.K.)
MP1   Danger, Will Robinson! (NSU)
WM1   Mission's Robot, B-9 (2-up panel 5" x 3-1/2", WalMart videos)
ML1   (4-up panel, Suncoast and Media Play)
---   Danger, Will Robinson! (Dealer Sell Sheet)

Kmart Video Set (in cello pack)

KM1   John Robinson
KM2   Maureen Robinson
KM3   Judy Robinson
KM4   Penny Robinson
KM5   Will Robinson
KM6   Major Don West
KM7   Zachary West
KM8   Mission Robot
KM9   Blawp / Debbie

General Mills Set (cello pack inserted in cereals)

GM1   The Mission's Robot
GM2   Will's Robot
GM3   B-9
GM4   Robot Ancestry

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