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Little Shop of Horrors
Topps - 1986

Note:  Thanks to Darrell Warner for the update!

No. Front                                 Back

 1  Loco Boy Makes Good                   Little Shop of Horrors Story Cards
 2  Plant Wars!                           On the 23rd day of the month
 3                                        And this terrifying enemy
 4  A boy's best friend ...               Mr. Mushnik, I know how to
 5                                        In the basement of the flower
 6  In never forget a face!               Seymour recalls how he found
 7  The leader of the plaque              That pathetic little weed is
 8                                        While trying to revive Audrey
 9  Yikes!                                In no time at all, Audrey II
10  Smile!                                Audrey dreams of a wonderful
11  Seymour                               Orin Scrivello.  Greaser, semi-
12  Feed me!                              I thrill when I drill A bicuspid
13                                        You're Audrey's boyfriend??
14                                        Audrey deserves a prince, not
15  Shop at Mu$hnik's                     I can't believe it --you actually
16                                        Summoning his courage,
17                                        But Seymour doesn't have to
18  Audrey I                              Say hey -- it's a midnight snac
19                                        It's true, Mr. Mushnik!  I chop
20  Portrait in Green                     While you're in prison, Seymo
21  The Horror of it All!                 Slurp -- M-m-m-boy!
22  Was it something I said?  NO ...      And now ... Will success spoil
23                                        Seymour's a celebrity ... but
24                                        But then there's Audrey ...
25  Maxwell House Coffee                  This is too much!  What am I
26  Someday I'll be back ... to devour    At last, Audrey I and II confro
27  Feed me!                              Seymour! HELP!  Get off of
28  GOOD to the last drop!                Seymour -- my hero!  You sav
29  It's Suppertime!                      World domination!  That's wha
30  Chew Your Food before swallowing      Seymour imagines what will
31  Little Shop of Horrors                You've had it, Audrey II!
32  Wow! Plant food was never like this!  The plant is kaput! Seymour
33  Fondle a Flower Today!                Puzzle
34  The ax falls ...!                     Puzzle
35  Little Shop of Horrors                Puzzle
36  Say Arrrggh!                          Puzzle
37  Intense Pain                          Puzzle
38                                        Puzzle
39  I have seen the future ... and it     Puzzle
40  Don't play with your Food!            Puzzle
41  Don't feed the plants!                Puzzle
42  Devil dentist of death!               Puzzle
43  This is Audrey II                     Completed Puzzle
44  STOP or I'll stand here and look      Completed Puzzle

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