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Todd Lockwood Promo Series - 2010-2014

Notes: These business-card-sized items are used to promote the artist's work at San 
Diego Comic Cons.

   Scene                                        Year

   (fighting man and woman)                     2014
   (dragon                                      2014
   (man and dragon)                             2014
   (butterly lady)                              2014

   (battle with 3-skull)                        2013
   (gold fire-breather)                         2013
   (attacking beasts)                           2013
   (wraith wizard)                              2013
   (helmed woman)                               2013

  (drow and panther in snow)                    2012
  (dwarf with axe)                              2012
  (warrior woman with headdress and feathers)   2012
  (dragon on fallen column)                     2012
  (skeleton yard)                               2012
  (golden hero on mountaintop)                  2012
  (cat-monkey creature)                         2012
  (adventurer thief)                            2012

   (green-armored darf)                         2011
   (glowing-eyed warrior)                       2011
   (elf woman spellcaster)                      2011
   (red dragon)                                 2011

   (elf warrior woman)                          2010
   (zombie woman)                               2010
   (red riging hood)                            2010
   (dragon and cyborg)                          2010
   (gold dragon)                                2010

Oversized Card (4" x 5-3/4")

   (crouching beasts)                           2014


   (dragon)                                     2014
   (wizard)                                     2014
   (battle)                                     2014
   (female pirate)                              2014

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