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The Lone Ranger
   Dart FlipCards - 1997

Notes: Thanks much to Malcolm Rose, Todd Jordan, and Paul Hart for updates!

Box: 30 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.88 per box if collation were perfect.

 No.  Title

   1  Champions of Justice
   2  The Lone Ranger Lives
   3  Shooting to Disarm.
   4  Legendary marksman
   5  The Lone Ranger Safety Club
   6  Always Caring
   7  Crime Fighting Partners
   8  Caught in the Act.
   9  Ranger Earl Graser.
  10  The Good Old Radio Days
  11  Drawing on the Classics
  12  Successful Merchandising
  13  His Typewriter Grew Spurs.
  14  August 1937 Dime Novel Cover.
  15  First Ranger Movie
  16  Ranger Lee Powell
  17  The Lone Ranger Licks Kester
  18  Tolerance
  19  Popular Premium
  20  Official Picture
  21  Never Shoot to Kill
  22  Ranger Bob Livingston
  23  Continuous Dramas
  24  Working Together
  25  Silver's Vigil
  26  Gun Girl
  27  The Underground River
  28  An Important Sponsor
  29  A True Patriot
  30  V for Victory
  31  Stampede of Longhorns
  32  The Lone Ranger Audio Tape Offer
  33  Loyal Fans
  34  The Lone Ranger and Tonto
  35  Leading the Stagecoach
  36  The Hunt Map
  37  The Lone Ranger Trapas the Smugglers
  38  Silver-Studded Saddle
  39  Unique Interpretations
  40  Television Series Launched
  41  The Truth Unmasked
  42  Ranger John Hart.
  43  Two Heroes Meet
  44  A Drink of Water
  45  Always Vigilant, Always Just!
  46  A Clever Ruse
  47  Universal Appeal
  48  The Lost City of Gold
  49  Original Radio Broadcasts
  50  Animation Cell from 1960 Cartoon Series.
  51  Racing to the Fort.
  52  On Silver... Faster Big Fellow...
  53  The Lone Ranger at the Haunted Gulch.
  54  The Lone Ranger Rides Again!
  55  Around the Corner
  56  Champion of Justice
  57  A Real Hero
  58  Always Popular
  59  The Famous Duo
  60  Ranger Klinton Spilsbury
  61  In Pursuit of the Cavendish Gang
  62  Come On Big Fellow!
  63  Treasured Collectibles
  64  The Legend Lives On!
  65  Crime Stoppers
  66  Comic Book Series, 1st of 4
  67  Comic Book Series, 2nd of 4
  68  Comic Book Series, 3rd of 4
  69  Comic Book Series, 4th of 4
  70  Justice Prevails
  71  Code of the West
  72  The Lone Ranger Color Picture Trading Cards Checklist


Die-Cut Cards

DC1   Tonto Saves the Day
DC2   Disarming the Badman
DC3   How Fast Is Fast?
DC4   Continuing the Fight
DC5   The Knockout Punch
DC6   Taking Aim

The Twelve Unpublished
   (Art by Charles Steinbacher; 1 set:case; 2-1/2" x 3-1/8"; numbered to 2600)

 --   (Title/cover card)
 49   A Sagebrush Ride
 50   Range War
 51   Rescue From Haunted Valley
 52   Silver Leads the Way
 53   Showdown at El Milario
 54   Trouble at Zuni Pass
 55   Thunder in Eagle Pass
 56   Escape From Devil's Canyon
 57   A Trail of Silver
 58   The Crooked Deputy
 59   The Bear Cubs
 60   Peace With Honor

Autograph Card (500 signed)

 --   Fran Striker Jr.

Stand-up Cards (Set of six, mail-in offer)


P1       Coming Soon by Dart
P2       "Hi-Yo Silver!"
2 of 3   (Collectors International, Montreal)
Proto    (Non-Sport Update 1996 Gummies Awards exclusive)
---      (Philadelphia NS Cards Show)

SB0      (Dealer Cards)
 1/20    (Dealer Card, unpublished artwork)
 2/20    (Dealer Card, unpublished artwork)
 3/20    (Dealer Card, unpublished artwork)
 4/20    (Dealer Card, unpublished artwork)
 5/20    (Dealer Card, unpublished artwork)
 6/20    (Dealer Card, unpublished artwork)
 7/20    (Dealer Card, unpublished artwork)
 8/20    (Dealer Card, unpublished artwork)
 9/20    (Dealer Card, unpublished artwork)
10/20    (Dealer Card, unpublished artwork)
11/20    (Dealer Card, unpublished artwork)
12/20    (Dealer Card, unpublished artwork)
13/20    (Dealer Card, unpublished artwork)
14/20    (Dealer Card, unpublished artwork)
15/20    (Dealer Card, unpublished artwork)
16/20    (Dealer Card, unpublished artwork)
17/20    (Dealer Card, unpublished artwork)
18/20    (Dealer Card, unpublished artwork)
19/20    (Dealer Card, unpublished artwork)
20/20    (Dealer Card, unpublished artwork)
---      (Dealer Cards, offers)
---      (© 1996)
---      (Dealer Sell Sheet, with The Munsters II and Sailor Moon)

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