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The Lone Ranger
   Bowman - 1940

Notes: American Card Catalog index is R83.

No.   Title

  1   A Silver Bullet Stops a Hanging
  2   Tonto and the Secret Mine
  3   Tonto's Race with Death
  4   The Giant Ghost
  5   The Wrecked Stagecoach
  6   Ghouls at Work
  7   Poisoned Waters
  8   Hawk's Prey
  9   The Fight over the Water Hole
 10   The Substitute Dispatch Bearer
 11   The Run-Away Herd
 12   The Lasso Duel
 13   The Counter Attack
 14   The Underground River
 15   The Tree Trap
 16   Silver Charges the Horse Thieves
 17   The Interrupted Coach Robbery
 18   Barrier of Fire
 19   The Burning Shack
 20   Thirsty Burros
 21   Saving Tonto's Scalp
 22   Firebrands on the Ledge
 23   Threatening Hoofs
 24   Smoke Signals
 25   A Double Hold-up
 26   The Vicious Circle
 27   Midnight Branding Party
 28   Trial of the Killer
 29   Blasted Canyon
 30   Tonto in War Paint
 31   Dead Man's Leap
 32   The Phantom Rider
 33   Paradise Regained
 34   Fire Trap
 35   The Haunted House
 36   The Cattle Rush
 37   His Father's Son
 38   Broken Windows
 39   Smugglers' Love Letters
 40   A Piece of Gingham
 41   The Price of Sealed Lips
 42   Storming the Indian Camp by Night
 43   The Bank Bandits
 44   Round-up Time in Prairie Gulch
 45   Horseshoes for Bad Luck
 46   Gun Girl
 47   The Rescue of the Wagon Train

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