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Looney Tunes: Happy Families
Carta Mundi - 2004

Note:  These cards are used for rudimentary games.

No.   Scene

 A1   Wile E. Coyote (pointing)
 A2   Wile E. Coyote (running)
 A3   Wile E. Coyote (sprinting)
 A4   Wile E. Coyote (thinking)

 B1   Bugs Bunny (making faces)
 B2   Bugs Bunny (running)
 B3   Bugs Bunny (chomping carrot)
 B4   Bugs Bunny (at mailbox)

 C1   Road Runner (standing)
 C2   Road Runner (running)
 C3   Road Runner (peering)
 C4   Road Runner (rejoicing)

 D1   Tasmanian Devil (standing)
 D2   Tasmanian Devil (whirling)
 D3   Tasmanian Devil (breaking through)
 D4   Tasmanian Devil (grinning)

 E1   Tweety (as Cupid)
 E2   Tweety (as Angel)
 E3   Tweety (presenting)
 E4   Tweety (stepping)

 F1   Sylvester (pointing)
 F2   Sylvester (planning)
 F3   Sylvester (grabbing)
 F4   Sylvester (sneaking)

 G1   Daffy (orating)
 G2   Daffy (springing into action)
 G3   Daffy (befuddled)
 G4   Daffy (biting tongue)

 H1   Marvin the Martian (pointing)
 H2   Marvin the Martian (pointing gun)
 H3   Marvin the Martian (decorating tree)
 H4   Marvin the Martian (steaming)

 --   Rules of the games (pamphlet)
 --   (storage box)

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