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Loony Series
   Abby Vending - 1963

Notes: Card fronts show cartoon artwork, while backs are in a postcard format. 
American Card Catelog reference is W510-1.

No.   Caption

 67   I'm Twist'in
 68   This Is One Way to Shut You Up!
 69   I Dig You!
 70   You've Got IT and You Can Keep It..
 71   What Do Doctors Recommend for You?
 72   Behind The 8 Ball?
 73   It's Raining Cats & Dogs..
 74   Let's Tie the Knot.. Around Your Neck
 75   How's Fishing?
 76   So Get Lost For Awhile!
 77   You Are Your Biggest Fan!
 78   You Ought To Be in (Horror) Pictures
 79   You'll Wonder Where The Yellow Went!
 80   Ther'es More To You Than Meets The Eye
 81   I've Got My Eye on You!
 82   You've Got a Face Only a Mother Could Love!
 83   There's One at Every .. Wolf Party..
 84   So, Who Needs a Permanent?
 85   You Should See The One That Got Away!!
 86   You Belong on the Stage - The First One Out!
 87   RIP Don't Take Life Too: Seriously. You'll Never Come Out of It Alive Anyway!
 88   You're a Natural Pest - Benny the Roach
 89   Your Out of This World!
 90   Go Stand On Your Head!
 91   Like Father Like Son!
 92   You Have an Ear For Music..
 93   Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend
 94   he Charming Miss Universe Year 2003
 95   There's Nothing Wrong with You That a New Head Couldn't Cure.
 96   You're Bound To Rise To Great Heights - You're So Full of Hot Air!
 97   I'm Pooped
 98   How Are You Fixed for Blades
 99   Look Into My Eyes!
100   When Your in The Neighborhood - Stay There
101   Whatever You Do, Don't Lose Your Head!
102   You're Quite a Dish, Dirty
103   I Like You Cause Your Different!
104   I'd Like To Help You Out!
105   Planing a Vacation?
106   What Are You Stareing - At?
107   I've Grown Accustomed To Your Face?
108   Give to thye Needy
109   Going My Way?
110   so Who's Nervous!
111   Start The Day With a - Smile
112   See What I Got For Not Keeping My Mouth Shut!
113   I May Not Be Much to Look At. But Neither Are You!
114   It's What's Up Front That Counts!
115   In The Dog House?
116   Jack - Your  a Two-Faced Guy!
117   Me? - Your a Real Square!
118   You Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance
119   Look Pa - No Cavities
120   Ther'es Something Strange about You!
121   Your Real Gone!
122   Do You Love Me. Or My Money?
123   Heard You've Been Ill?
124   Youre a Real Treasure and Should Have Been Buried Long Ago!
125   Can't You Even Spell
126   You'll Find It in the Yellow Pages - Hel-l-p-p-p
127   Your My Whoe World. - Big Fad Round!
128   Id Climb The Highest Mountail - To Get Away from You!
129   I'll See You in My Dreams - All Nightmares
130   I Hope the Doc Straightens You Out
131   You've Got Everything But Brains, Looks and Money!
132   Get on The Ball!

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