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Lost - Season One
Inkworks - 2005

Notes:  Thanks to Joseph Smith and Gary Wheeler for updates! Further 
information and scans are posted at the Inkworks website.

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards. 10 boxes/case, 700 cases total.
Common sets: approx. 2.71 per box if collation were perfect.

      No.    Title                                                Episode

        1    Lost Season One Premium Trading Cards

Episode Cards

        2    Hero                                                 Pilot, Pt. 1
        3    Courage                                              Pilot, Pt. 1
        4    Count to Five                                        Pilot, Pt. 2
        5    The Signal                                           Pilot, Pt. 2
        6    Moving On                                            Tabula Rasa
        7    Miracle                                              Tabula Rasa
        8    Hunter                                               Walkabout
        9    Memorial                                             Walkabout
       10    Grief                                                White Rabbit
       11    Panic                                                White Rabbit
       12    Remembering                                          House of the Rising Sun
       13    Amends                                               House of the Rising Sun
       14    Rock Star                                            The Moth
       15    Decision                                             The Moth
       16    Walk Away                                            Confidence Man
       17    Truth                                                Confidence Man
       18    Interrogator                                         Solitary
       19    Captive                                              Solitary
       20    Prediction                                           Raised By Another
       21    Abduction                                            Raised By Another
       22    Illusion                                             All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
       23    Rescue                                               All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
       24    Heist                                                Whatever the Case May Be
       25    Beyond the Sea                                       Whatever the Case May Be
       26    Conned                                               Hearts and Minds
       27    Heartbroken                                          Hearts and Minds
       28    Alone                                                Special
       29    Reunited                                             Special
       30    Lure                                                 Homecoming
       31    Retribution                                          Homecoming
       32    Witness                                              Outlaws
       33    Target                                               Outlaws
       34    Gangster                                             In Translation
       35    Jealous                                              In Translation
       36    Validated                                            Numbers
       37    Nursery                                              Numbers
       38    Accepted                                             Deus Ex Machina
       39    Stricken                                             Deus Ex Machina
       40    Commitment                                           Do No Harm
       41    Dedicated                                            Do No Harm
       42    Questioned                                           The Greater Good
       43    Mercy                                                The Greater Good
       44    Sweethearts                                          Born To Run
       45    Unintended                                           Born To Run
       46    French Woman                                         Exodus, Pt 1
       47    Departure                                            Exodus, Pt 1
       48    Kidnapped                                            Exodus, Pt 2
       49    Taken                                                Exodus, Pt 2
       50    Revealed                                             Exodus, Pt 2

Character Cards

       51    Jack Shephard: Heroic
       52    Jack Shephard: Doctor
       53    Kate Austen: Practical
       54    Kate Austen: Fugitive
       55    James "Sawyer" Ford: Entrepreneur
       56    James "Sawyer" Ford: Con Man
       57    Charlie Pace: Addict
       58    Charlie Pace: Rocker
       59    Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Likeable
       60    Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Winner
       61    Shannon Rutherford: Emotional
       62    Shannon Rutherford: Petulant
       63    Boone Carlyle: Searching
       64    Boone Carlyle: Silver Spoon
       65    Sayid Jarrah: Resourceful
       66    Sayid Jarrah: Authority
       67    Michael Dawson: Builder
       68    Michael Dawson: Artist
       69    Walt Lloyd: Different
       70    Walt Lloyd: Willful
       71    John Locke: Mystic
       72    John Locke: Routine
       73    Jin-Soo Kwon: Isolated
       74    Jin-Soo Kwon: Devoted
       75    Sun Kwon: Healer
       76    Sun Kwon: Naive
       77    Claire Littleton: Tested
       78    Claire Littleton: Innocent


       79    Resilient (Danielle)
       80    Restored (Locke)
       81    Revenge (Sawyer)

Island Alliances

       82    Jack & Kate: Affection
       83    Michael & Jin: Affiliation
       84    Shannon & Sayid: Protection
       85    Kate & Sawyer: Attraction
       86    Boone & Locke: Illumination
       87    Walt & Locke: Affirmation
       88    Claire & Charlie: Devotion
       89    Jack & Locke: Accommodation

       90    Checklist


Missing: Oceanic 815 Puzzle Cards (1:11 packs)

       M1    Charlie: Get it? Hurley: Dude, quit asking me        Walkabout
       M2    Kate: What is it? Claire: Somebody's in there.       Walkabout
       M3    Claire: I'm having contractions. Jack: How man       Pilot Pt. 1
       M4    Jack: Come on. Come on! Come on! Come on! Big        Pilot Pt. 1
       M5    Jack: We must have been at about forth thousan       Pilot Pt. 1
       M6    Michael: Hey, hey, where you going, man? Walt:       Walkabout
       M7    Charlie: How does something like that happen?        Pilot Pt. 1
       M8    Pilot: Six hours in, our radio went out. No on       Pilot Pt. 1
       M9    Kate: Jack! Jack: There's someone else still o       White Rabbit

Numbers Die-Cut Cards (1:17 packs)

        4    Jack: Must have been a hell of a nightmare. Cl       Raised By Another
        8    Reporter: How'd you come up with the winning n       Numbers
       15    Sawyer: That what I think it is? Michael: Some       Exodus, Pt. 2
       16    Shannon: "Please help...I'm alone now...on the       Pilot, Pt. 2
       23    Kate: I wanted you to make sure that Ray Mulle       Tabula Rasa
       42    Hurley: ...Stop! What are you doing?! Why'd yo       Exodus, Pt. 2

Autograph Cards (1:36 packs)

     A-1     Evangeline Lilly as Kate Austen (by redemption)
     A-2     Josh Holloway as James "Sawyer" Ford (by redemption)
     A-3     Maggie Grace as Shannon Rutherford (by redemption)
     A-4     Malcolm David Kelley as Walt Lloyd
     A-5     Mira Furlan as Danielle Rousseau
     A-6     William Mapother as Ethan Rom
     A-7     John Terry as Dr. Christian Shephard
     A-8     Nick Jameson as Richard Malkin
     A-9     Daniel Roebuck as Dr. Leslie Arzt
     A-10    Fredric Lane as The Marshal (Edward Mars)
     A-11    Kevin Tighe as Anthony Cooper
     A-12    Swoosie Kurtz as Emily Annabeth Locke
     AR1     (Redemption Card)

Pieceworks Cards (1:36 packs)

    PW-1     Shirt worn by Evangeline Lilly as Kate Austen        The Greater Good
    PW-2     T-shirt worn by Josh Holloway as Sawyer Ford         Pilot
    PW-3     Top worn by Maggie Grace as Shannon Rutherford       Hearts and Minds
    PW-4     T-shirt worn by Matthew Fox as Jack Shepherd         All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
    PW-5     T-shirt worn by Dominic Monaghan as Charlie Pace     Pilot
    PW-6     T-shirt worn by Terry O'Quinn as John Locke          Numbers
    PW-7     Shirt worn by Naveen Andrews as Sayid Jarrah         Numbers
    PW-8     T-shirt worn by Jorge Garcia as Hugo "Hurley" Reyes  Hearts and Minds
    PW-9     Shirt worn by Daniel Dae Kim as Jin-Soo Kwan         The Greater Good
    PW-10    Top worn by Yunjin Kim as Sun Kwon                   Exodus Pt. 1
    PW-11    Shirt worn by Emilie de Ravin as Claire Littleton    The Greater Good
    PW-12    Shirts worn by Harold Perrineau and Malcolm          Pilot
               David Kelley as Michael Dawson and Walt Lloyd

Autographed Pieceworks Cards

    PWA-1    Shirt worn by Evangeline Lilly as Kate Austen (by redemption)
    PWA-2    T-shirt worn by Josh Holloway as Sawyer Ford (by redemption)
    PWA-3    Top worn by Maggie Grace as Shannon Rutherford (by redemption)
    APR1     (Redemption Card)

Tensions Box-Loaders

     BL-1    Jack & Kate
     BL-2    Sawyer & Jack
     BL-3    Sawyer & Kate

Case-Loader Card

     CL-1    The Hatch

Collector Album (sold separately)

       --    Lost: Season One (binder)

Uncut Sheet (sold separately; numbered to 299)

       --    (9-card panel of Missing: Oceanic 815 puzzle)


L-SD2004     (9 cast; San Diego Comic Con 2004)
L1-1         (16 cast; general distribution
L1-DS        (3 cast; Dee's Show [NY/NJ Entertainment])
L1-FC        (12 cast; Lost Fan Club)
L1-i         (3 cast; exclusive)
L1-MS        (14 cast; Memorabilia Show)
L1-PN        (3 cast; Philly Non-Sports Show)
L1-UK        (14 cast; U.K. distribution)
NSU 1 of 2   (6 cast; Non-Sport Update)
NSU 2 of 2   (8 cast; Non-Sport Update)
L1-NSV       (14 cast; Non-Sport Update variant issue; 815 made)
SD1          (cast on horizon; SD Comic Con 2005)
H2005        Happy Holidays (14 case; Inkworks holiday greetings card)
 --          Get Lost. (dealer sell sheet)


      Further information and scans are posted at the Inkworks website.

   LP1       Lost Preview Set [Title Card]
   LP2       Jack
   LP3       Kate
   LP4       Charlie
   LP5       Sawyer
   LP6       Locke
   LP7       Hurley
   LP8       Sayid
   LP9       Boone
   LP10      Shannon
   LP11      Michael
   LP12      Walt
   LP13      Jin
   LP14      Sun
   LP15      Claire

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