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The Lost Worlds of Gerry Anderson
   Unstoppable Cards - 2016

Notes: The series features scenes from Dick Spanner, Space Police, The  Day After 
Tomorrow, The Investigator, Starcruiser, and Candy and Andy. It was sold as 600 
numbered boxed sets (with 2-3 premium cards per set) or as 400 numbered boxes 
of the base set only. A preview set (see below) was released in 2014. Thanks to David 
Rosciszewski for assistance! Further information and scans are posted at the 
Unstoppable website.

Box: 600 numbered Hobby boxes, 12 boxes/case. 400 base-only boxes.

       No.    Title                                          Series

         1    [title card]
         2    ALTARES                                        The Day After Tomorrow
         3    Welcome Aboard                                 The Day After Tomorrow
         4    Ready for Flight                               The Day After Tomorrow
         5    Dr. Anna Bowen                                 The Day After Tomorrow
         6    Family                                         The Day After Tomorrow
         7    Docked                                         The Day After Tomorrow
         8    Harry and Jane                                 The Day After Tomorrow
         9    Checking                                       The Day After Tomorrow
        10    Together                                       The Day After Tomorrow
        11    Push the Button                                The Day After Tomorrow
        12    Data                                           The Day After Tomorrow
        13    Hold On!                                       The Day After Tomorrow
        14    Onward                                         The Day After Tomorrow
        15    Tom and Anna                                   The Day After Tomorrow
        16    Chuck Brogan                                   Space Police
        17    Officer Costello                               Space Police
        18    Ready for Action                               Space Police
        19    Slomo                                          Space Police
        20    Fire!                                          Space Police
        21    Police Vehicle                                 Space Police
        22    Tom                                            Space Police
        23    Pensive                                        Space Police
        24    Shoot!                                         Space Police
        25    Nightclub Patron                               Space Police
        26    E. Vile                                        Space Police
        27    President                                      Space Police
        28    Bats                                           Space Police
        29    Cocktail                                       Space Police
        30    Lieutenant Brogan                              Space Police
        31    Dick Spanner                                   Dick Spanner
        32    Up, Up and Away                                Dick Spanner
        33    Stuck                                          Dick Spanner
        34    Detective                                      Dick Spanner
        35    Shocking                                       Dick Spanner
        36    Va-Va-Voom                                     Dick Spanner
        37    Get to the Point!                              Dick Spanner
        38    On the Case...                                 Dick Spanner
        39    Ready to Roll                                  Dick Spanner
        40    John                                           The Investigator
        41    Julie                                          The Investigator
        42    Production Design [car]                        The Investigator
        43    Production Design [boat]                       The Investigator
        44    Production Design [phone]                      The Investigator
        45    In the Garden                                  Candy and Andy
        46    At Home                                        Candy and Andy
        47    Dolly                                          Candy and Andy
        48    Asleep                                         Candy and Andy
        49    Broken Vase                                    Candy and Andy
        50    Starcruiser                                    Star Cruiser
        51    In Space                                       Star Cruiser
        52    Swift                                          Star Cruiser
        53    Booster Eagle                                  Star Cruiser
        54    Landing                                        Star Cruiser


Autograph Cards (1.4 per set)

       CC1    Catherine Chevalier as Officer Cathy Costello  Space Police
       JA1    Jamie Anderson - Producer                      Dick Spanner: The Case of the Missing Episode
       SR1    Shane Rimmer as Lieutenant Chuck Brogan        Space Police
       SR2    Shane Rimmer as the Voice of John              The Investigator
       SA1    Sylvia Anderson as the Voice of Julie          The Investigator

Printing Plates (1:3 sets)

        --    (4 x base cards: cyan, magenta, yellow, black)

Sketch Cards (1:4 sets)

       SK1    Adam Cleveland
       SK1    Bruce Gerlach
       SK1    Chris Henderson
       SK1    Clinton Yeager
       SK1    Danielle Ellison
       SK1    David Day
       SK1    j(ay)
       SK1    Jack Chattox
       SK1    Jeff Abar
       SK1    Joseph Miller
       SK1    Kevin Meinert
       SK1    Kitty-Lydia Dye
       SK1    Louise Draper
       SK1    Marcia Dye
       SK1    Nick "NIK" Neocheous
       SK1    Paul Cowan
       SK1    Westley Smith

Cut Autograph Card (3-case-deal incentive; 15 made)

unn,GA2-GA15  Gerry Anderson

Case-Topper Autograph Card (2:case; limited to 100)

       BB1    Brian Blessed as Dr. Tom Bowen                 The Day After Tomorrow


      CCP1    Dealer Promo (The Cyber Cellar)
      CP5     Promo (Captain Scarlet incentive pack)
      DTP1    Dealer Promo (Derek's Trading Cards)
      EMP1    Dealer Promo (Acme 3000)
      GGP1    Dealer Promo Gazzagames Trading Cards)
      MP1     Dealer Promo (mitchy9210)
      PA1     Coming Soon (2014)
      PHP1    Dealer Promo (Paul Hart Trading Cards)
      RAP1    Dealer Promo (Radickal Trading Cards)
      SFP1    Dealer Promo (Scifi Cards)
      WEB1    Web Promo (internet exclusive)


      PR1     (pointing past camera)
      PR2     (silver face)
      PR3     (climbing chandelier)
      PR4     (police sitting)
      PR5     (two ships)
      PR6     (two dolls)

   Preview Set Promo Cards

   PA1        The Lost Worlds of A
   PR1-PR6    (printing plate cards)
   PR1-PR6    (printer proof set)

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©2014, 2016 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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