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Lord of the Rings The Two Towers Preview Set
Cadbury (Australia) / Topps - 2002

Notes:  Issued as a complete set as a Christmas promotion. Several cards
are different from those in the Cadbury's United Kingdom preview set.
Thanks much to Maree Ryan for the list and to Mark Stoffer for updates!

No.   Title

C1    Checklist / Title Card
C2    Eye of Sauron
C3    Gandalf the White
C4    Saruman
C5    Aragorn
C6    Frodo And Sam
C7    Legolas
C8    Gimli
C9    King Theoden
C10   Lady Eowyn
C11   Eomer
C12   Faramir
C13   Merry
C14   Pippin
C15   Grima Wormtongue
C16   The Easterlings
C17   The Elven Warriors
C18   Orcs
C19   Urak-Hai Horror
C20   Wildmen of Dunlending

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