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Lord of the Rings Film Cel Cards
Burger King - 2001

Notes:  The cards were issued by Burger King outlets in (at least) Europe,
New Zealand, and Australia. Each of the nine figures came with one of three
different cards to collect for the set. Thanks much to Jennifer Johnson for
the checklist!

No.   Character

  1   Saruman
  2   Saruman
  3   Saruman
  4   Legolas
  5   Legolas
  6   Legolas
  7   Ringwraiths
  8   Ringwraith
  9   Ringwraith
 10   Gimli
 11   Gimli
 12   Gimli
 13   Galadriel
 14   Galadriel
 15   Galadriel
 16   Gandalf
 17   Gandalf
 18   Gandalf
 19   Frodo
 20   Frodo
 21   Frodo
 22   Arwen
 23   Arwen
 24   Arwen
 25   Strider
 26   Strider
 27   Strider

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