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Lord of the Rings - F.O.T.R.
Collector's Update Edition
   Topps - 2002

Note: Additional information and scans are found at the Topps web archive.

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.43 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

 91   (Title Card)
 92   Gift of the Rings
 93   The Dark Lord Sauron
 94   Forged in Fire
 95   Rallying Against Mordor
 96   The Clash of Steel
 97   The Invincible One
 98   Day of the Dark Lord
 99   The Defeat of Sauron
100   Evil Never Dies
101   Isildur's Prize
102   Lure of the Ring
103   Sauron's Stronghold
104   In Search of the Truth
105   The New Ringbearer
106   Frodo's Mission
107   Night of the Ringwraiths
108   The Eye of Sauron
109   Betrayed by Saruman
110   Throttled by Evil Magic
111   The Fall of Gandalf
112   The Black Rider
113   The Inn of the Prancing Pony
114   In League with Evil
115   In the Service of Saruman
116   Assault on a Forest
117   The Wraiths' True Form
118   The Witch King Attacks
119   Encounter with Ghostly Terror
120   Aragorn to the Rescue
121   Help from a Flying Friend
122   The Water Horses
123   The Beauty of Rivendell
124   Memories of the Epic Battle
125   "It Should Have Ended That Day"
126   Bilbo's Fond Farewell
127   The Nine on Their Way
128   The Watcher Attacks
129   Seized by the Watcher
130   Entering the Mines of Moria
131   Bilbo's Life-Saving Gifts
132   Bellow of the Cave Troll
133   Monster in the Middle
134   Hide and Seek
135   The Cave Troll Battles On
136   The Orc Swarm
137   Surrounded!
138   Leaping for Life
139   A Bridge Too Far?
140   Fury of the Balrog
141   Creature of Shadow and Flame
142   His Final Stand
143   The Fall of Gandalf
144   The Splendor of Lothlorien
145   Galadriel's Temptation
146   The Fortress City
147   The Coming of Lurtz
148   Pillars of the Kings
149   In the Twilight World
150   United in Their Cause
151   Against the Uruk-Hai
152   Boromir's Funeral
153   What Lies Beyond

The Two Towers Preview

154   Against Sauron's Minions
155   Conscience of the King
156   The Battle of Helm's Deep
157   The Courage of Aragorn
158   Horrors and Heroes
159   Eomer of Rohan
160   A Woman of Wonder
161   Fellowship Allies
162   A Hobbit's Journey


Authentic Movie Memorabilia (1:36 packs total)

   Group A: 1:45 packs

--    Boromir's Cloak
--    Frodo's Travel Jacket
--    Merry's Travel Cloak
--    Pippin's Travel Cloak
--    Sam's Travel Waistcoat

   Group B: 1:180 packs

--    Arwen's Riding Outfit
--    Bilbo's Rivendell Waistcoat
--    Frodo's Elven Nightshirt


--    (Dealer sell sheet)

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