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Lord of the Rings Movie Cards 1:
  The Fellowship of the Ring
Topps - 2001

Notes:  Cards in the European distribution did not have the foil highlights
found in the North American edition, but the cards images and numbers are
the same. David Cutler reports that the prismatic foil cards are different
from the two types of boxes, apparently because a different printing
process was used.  The difference is very subtle to the naked eye but
shows up "big time" in scans.  Thanks much also to Joann Girard for 
details on the retail sets, overseas-only special sets, and oddball promos;
and to Marlinn Klingan and Colin Dunn for updates!

Hobby Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.11 per box if collation were perfect.

    No.    Title                                Characteristic

      1    The Legend Comes to Life
      2    Gandalf                              Wizard
      3    Bilbo                                Hobbit
      4    Frodo                                Hobbit
      5    Sam                                  Hobbit
      6    Merry                                Hobbit
      7    Pippin                               Hobbit
      8    Aragorn                              Mortal Man
      9    Arwen                                Elven Woman
     10    Boromir                              Mortal Man
     11    Elrond                               Elven Man
     12    Legolas                              Elven Man
     13    Gimli                                Dwarf
     14    Galadriel                            Elven Woman
     15    Celeborn                             Elven Man
     16    Saruman                              Wizard
     17    Lurtz                                Uruk-Hai Orc
     18    The Witch King                       Ringwraith
     19    Arriving in Hobbiton
     20    A Heartfelt Reunion
     21    Bag End
     22    Hobbit Celebration
     23    Bilbo's Big Night
     24    Trick or Treat?
     25    Happy Birthday, Bilbo!
     26    The Big Surprise
     27    Confronting Bilbo
     28    Secret of the Ring
     29    Dark Legacy
     30    The Quest Begins
     31    The Lord of Isengard
     32    Battle of the Wizards
     33    Hobbit Friends Reunited
     34    The Ringwraith
     35    The Hobbits Take Cover
     36    Escaping Death's Clutches
     37    Inn of the Prancing Pony
     38    Temptation
     39    Confronting Strider
     40    Death of the Gatekeeper
     41    Eluding the Ringwraiths
     42    A Treacherous Trek
     43    Facing the Dark Riders
     44    Caught by the Ringwraiths
     45    The Flame and the Sword
     46    Strider Attacks
     47    Vision of the Witch King
     48    Frodo Stricken!
     49    Caverns of Horror
     50    Birthing of an Uruk-Hai
     51    Trollshaw Forest
     52    The Arrival of Arwen
     53    An Angel of Mercy
     54    Ringwraith Attack
     55    Reunited with Bilbo
     56    Elrond of Rivendell
     57    Dissent in the Council
     58    The Ringbearer's Move
     59    The Fellowship of Nine
     60    A Hobbit's Fate
     61    The Coming of Lurtz
     62    A New Breed of Orc
     63    The Pass of Caradhras
     64    Speak Friend and Enter
     65    Remembering the Way
     66    Inside Balin's Tomb
     67    Fool of a Took!
     68    Drums of the Enemy
     69    The Fellowship Battles
     70    Frodo's Fight for Life
     71    The Balrog of Morgoth
     72    Escape to Lothlorien
     73    Toward New Adventure
     74    Pledged to the Cause
     75    The Uruk-Hai Attack
     76    The Might of a Dwarf
     77    The Battle of Amon-Hen
     78    The Horn of Gondor
     79    Army of the Damned
     80    Destiny of the Hobbits
     81    The Uruks Fall
     82    Of Magic and Make-up                 Behind the Scenes
     83    On the Dark Side                     Behind the Scenes
     84    Christopher Lee, Prince of Darkness  Behind the Scenes
     85    Bringing Bad End to Life             Behind the Scenes
     86    A Most Enchanting Subject            Behind the Scenes
     87    Monsters, Monsters Everywhere        Behind the Scenes
     88    A Rigorous Adventure                 Behind the Scenes
     89    The Director's Vision                Behind the Scenes
     90    Checklist


Prismatic Foil Cards (1:6 North American packs)

 1 of 10   (Gimli)
 2 of 10   (Saruman)
 3 of 10   (Frodo)
 4 of 10   (Lurtz)
 5 of 10   (The Witch King)
 6 of 10   (Boromir)
 7 of 10   (Elrond)
 8 of 10   (Lurtz)
 9 of 10   (Ringwraiths)
10 of 10   (Orc Attack)

Autograph Cards (1:24 Hobby packs)

     (Rhys-Davies 1:280 Hobby packs, others combined 1:26 Hobby packs)

     --    Sean Astin as Sam
     --    Cate Blanchett as Galadriel
     --    Billy Boyd as Pippin
     --    Sir Ian Holm as Bilbo
     --    Sir Ian McKellen as Gandalf
     --    Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn
     --    Liv Tyler as Arwen
     --    Elijah Wood as Frodo
     --    John Rhys-Davies as Gimli

Autograph Cards (Distributed Outside North American Hobby Boxes)

     --    Sean Bean as Boromir (sold in U.K. through Cards Inc.)
     --    Christopher Lee as Saruman (Retail Boxes)
     --    Orlando Bloom as Legolas (Retail Boxes)
     --    Dominic Monaghan as Merry (Retail Boxes)
     --    Hugo Weaving as Elrond (Retail Boxes)

Bonus Foil Cards (North American Hobby Box Toppers)

 1 of 2    (Frodo looking at Ring)
 2 of 2    (Frodo looking out, with Ring)

Puzzle Sticker Cards (Retail Packs)

 1 of 10   Bilbo           (puzzle top left)
 2 of 10   Boromir         (puzzle top middle)
 3 of 10   Frodo           (puzzle top right)
 4 of 10   Gandalf         (puzzle center left)
 5 of 10   Gimli           (puzzle center middle)
 6 of 10   Legolas         (puzzle center right)
 7 of 10   Aragorn         (puzzle bottom left)
 8 of 10   Gandalf         (puzzle bottom middle)
 9 of 10   Arwen           (puzzle bottom right)
10 of 10   Sam & Frodo     (completed puzzle)

North American Card Album

     --    (Binder)

U.K. Exclusive Card Album

     --    (Binder; Frodo in upper left corner)
     9-card promo-puzzle set, map of Middle Earth
     A1    Frodo
     A2    Gandalf
     A3    Aragorn
     A4    Lurtz
     A5    Title Logo
     A6    Saruman
     A7    Boromir
     A8    Legolas
     A9    Gimli

Special Foil Cards (European packs)
Cards are "foil-only," not prismatic foil, and card backs state,
"Collect all 10 Special Foil cards."

 1 of 10   (Gimli)
 2 of 10   (Saruman)
 3 of 10   (Frodo)
 4 of 10   (Lurtz)
 5 of 10   (The Witch King)
 6 of 10   (Boromir)
 7 of 10   (Elrond)
 8 of 10   (Lurtz)
 9 of 10   (Ringwraiths)
10 of 10   (Orc Attack)

Preview Set (U.K. Only)

     L1    Checklist
     L2    Gandalf
     L3    Bilbo
     L4    Frodo
     L5    Sam
     L6    Merry
     L7    Pippin
     L8    Aragorn
     L9    Arwen
     L10   Boromir
     L11   Elrond
     L12   Legolas
     L13   Gimli
     L14   Galadriel
     L15   Celeborn
     L16   Saruman
     L17   Lurtz
     L18   Uruk-Hai
     L19   Orcs
     L20   Ringwraiths

Preview Set (New Zealand and Australia Only)

     C1    Checklist
     C2    Gandalf
     C3    Bilbo
     C4    Frodo
     C5    Sam
     C6    Merry
     C7    Pippin
     C8    Aragorn
     C9    Arwen
     C10   Boromir
     C11   Elrond
     C12   Legolas
     C13   Gimli
     C14   Galadriel
     C15   Celeborn
     C16   Saruman
     C17   Lurtz
     C18   Uruk-Hai
     C19   Orcs
     C20   Ringwraiths


     p1    The Legend Comes to Life (Frodo with sword, heat-sensitive; back refers to
             "authentic autograph cards"; regular dealer promo)
     p1    (Same as above, "1 of 2,000 cards printed for the Frankfurt Book Fair 2001")
     p1    (Early "error" variant to first item, refers to "heat-sensitive" cards)
     p1    (UK version, web address is

     p2    The Legend Comes to Life (Four armed hobbits)
     p2    (Same as above, "1 of 2,000 cards printed for the Frankfurt Book Fair 2001")

     p3    The Orc Army (Wizard, Orc attack)
     p3    (Same as above, "1 of 2,000 cards printed for the Frankfurt Book Fair 2001")

     --    The Legend Comes to Life (Dealer sell sheet)

©2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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