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Lord of The Rings - Action Flipz Tins
Artbox - 2003

Notes: In 2003, Artbox began issuing exclusive factory tins covering the three series.
Each set contained a tin with an exclusive image, either two packs of flipz cards or
a complete set of 60 flipz (as shown below),  and (except as noted) an exclusive promo
flipz. Note that the "TS1" series was issued both with the full ROTK set or with
two flipz packs.  Many thanks to Dona Peacock, Joann Girard, Dérik Dufour,
and Angie Clough for updates!

Exclusive Flipz      Packs        Title / Image on Tin

Fellowship of the Ring

ciT1                 FOTR+FOTR    Ringwraith: on horse (Cards Inc.)
ciT2                 FOTR+FOTR    Frodo: with glowing Sting (Cards Inc.)
DC1                  FOTR+FOTR    Fellowship: Gandalf the Grey facing to his right
FotR1                Set of 60    Gandalf: dominated by Balrog
FotR2                FOTR+FOTR    Sauron
FotR3                FOTR+FOTR    Prologue: battle scene

The Two Towers

ciT1                 TTT+TTT      Fellowship: Gandalf the White facing forward (Cards Inc.)    
ciT2                 TTT+TTT      Gollum: in dark, crawling downard (Cards Inc.)
DC1                  TTT+TTT      Frodo: meeting Fell Beast
TT1                  TTT+TTT      Barad-Děr: Eye of Sauron

Return of the King

ciT1 + ci1 or ci2    FOTR+TTT     Legolas/Gimli: drawing bow (Cards Inc.)
ciT2 + ci1 or ci2    FOTR+TTT     Aragorn: riding (Cards Inc.)
DC1                  ROTK+ROTK    Aragorn: standing
ML1                  ROTK+ROTK    Gandalf: on Shadowfax
P1 + P2              ROTK+ROTK    Aragorn: with sword Narsil [no exclusive flipz]
RotK1                Set of 60    Arwen: in red
RotK2                ROTK+ROTK    Gollum: facing forward
RotK3                ROTK+ROTK    Fell Beast: flying
RotK4                ROTK+ROTK    Mordor: Mount Doom in background
TRU1                 ROTK+ROTK    Hobbits: Merry and Pippin (Toys 'R Us)
TRU2                 ROTK+ROTK    Gollum: facing to his left (Toys 'R Us)
TS1                  Set of 60    Frodo: with Sting raised (QVC-UK)
TS1                  ROTK+ROTK    Frodo: with Sting raised


--       (dealer sell sheet)

Large Action Flipz
  This card came out at about the same time, and I don't know where else to
  list it. Produced by Artbox, it is marked "Distributed exclusively in Canada
  by Motion Picture Distribution LP." It's titled "Lord of the Rings" on the
  front and "Seigneur des Anneaux" on the back. Has anybody spotted any other
  cards that might indicate this was a larger series? The markings are similar
  to some I've seen in some phone cards and other collectibles, meaning that
  Artbox issued a lot of items for different markets beyond the hobby-card

--       (Gollum; 5" x 7")

©2004, 2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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