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Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Ring
  Playing Cards (Russian, Vlastilin Koletz)
Kavyeti - 2001?

Notes:  These cards measure 5 cm x 7.5 cm and were issued as a boxed 
set. Card backs bear the LOTR title in English, surrounded by elven 
text. I won't attempt to transliterate Russian text on the box completely; 
I use the letters S,H,D,C to represent the suit symbols spades, hearts, 
diamonds, clubs.

Card   Scene

 6S    Orc
 6H    Bilbo (Rivendell)
 6D    Haldir
 6C    Uruk

 7S    Bilbo (Shire)
 7H    Pippin (in snow)
 7D    Merry (in bushes)
 7C    Sam

 8S    Black Rider
 8H    Elrond (in battle)
 8D    Gandalf (in woods)
 8C    Saruman (pontificating)

 9S    Aragorn (in woods)
 9H    Legolas (aiming bow)
 9D    Gimli (in woods)
 9C    Boromir (in woods)

10S    Merry (white shirt)
10H    Frodo (in elven cloak)
10D    Sam (grey cloak)
10C    Pippin (woods)

 BS    Gimli (in clearing)
 BH    Aragorn (in snow)
 BD    Boromir (with Ring)
 BC    Legolas (in woods)

 DS    Galadriel (Lady of Light)
 DH    Arwen (defiant at river)
 DD    Galadriel (listening)
 DC    Arwen (demure)

 KS    Saruman (with staff)
 KH    Gandalf (with hat)
 KD    Elrond (at Rivendell)
 KC    Frodo (examining Sting)

 TS    The Council at Rivendell
 TH    Rivendell (Council in background)
 TD    Rivendell (city view)
 TC    The Argonath

©2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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