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The Lord of the Rings:
    The Fellowship of the Ring Game Cards - Poland
    "Wladca Pierscieni, Druzyna Pierscienia"

Lay's - 2001

Notes:  These 1-1/2" x 1" cards were inserted with snack-food chips/crisps; a
parallel set is reported for Hungary as well.  The set features multiple cards
with the same title but different images; we show the total number of different 
known cards/ images for each title below.  Game-play point values appear to 
be the same for all of the good-guy cards, but bad-guy cards often have sub-
series with different point values.

Each card has two images, on front and back.  One side shows green good-guys 
while the other side shows blue bad-guys.  Within that constraint, each  possible 
pairing of  images might have been produced, making for a possibly  large set of 
front/back combinations.  Thanks much to Joann Girard for the original checklist, 
and to Krystyna Mayer and David Cutler for the additions!  David provided the
combinations of green fronts and blue backs that he has observed below.

                  Number     Points
Image           of Images  (red,blue)

Promo Cards

Aragorn             1         n/a
Boromir             1         n/a
Frodo               1         n/a
Galdalf             1         n/a
Gimli               1         n/a
Legolas             1         n/a
Merry               1         n/a
Pippin              1         n/a
Sam                 1         n/a

"Good Guys" (Green) Game Cards (40 images)

                                     Blue Backs Observed

Aragorn             4         7,3    f g h i
Arwena              3         4,6    c k r
Bilbo               3         4,6    c g h
Boromir             3         7,3    c d g
Elendil             1         7,3    k
Elf                 1         6,4    g
Elrond              3         4,6    b g o
Frodo               4         6,4    g k n o
Galadriela          3         3,7    c f q
Gandalf             3         3,7    c g r
Gimli               3         6,4    b c r
Legolas             3         6,4    k l m
Merry               2         5,5    c o
Pippin              2         5,5    c e
Sam                 2         5,5    g h

"Bad Guys" (Blue) Game Cards (40 images)

                                     Key to Blue Backs

Balrog              2         3,7    a
Nazgul              7         4,6    b
Nazgul                        6,4    c
Nazgul                        6,4    d (different picture)
Oko Saurona         1         3,7    e
Ork                14         4,6    f
Ork                           5,5    g
Ork                           5,5    h (different picture)
Ork                           5,5    i (different picture)
Ork                           6,4    j
Saruman             4         3,7    k
Saruman                       3,7    l (different picture)
Saruman                       3,7    m (different picture)
Sauron              1         7,3    n
Troll               3         7,3    o
Uruk-Hai            8         4,6    p
Uruk-Hai                      6,4    q
Uruk-Hai                      7,3    r

©2003, 2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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