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The Lord of the Rings:
    The Two Towers Game Cards - Poland
    "Wladca Pierscieni, Dwei Wieze"

The Lord of the Rings:
    The Two Towers Game Cards - Hungary
    "Gyuruk Ura, A Két Torony"

Lay's - 2002

Notes:  These 1-1/2" x 1" cards were inserted with snack-food chips/crisps in
the relevant country.  The set features multiple cards with the same title and
point values but different images; we show the total number of different cards/
images for each title below.  Each card has two images of the character, large
on the front and small on the back. Thanks much to Joann Girard for the
checklist, confirmed by David Cutler; and to Krystyna Mayer for correcting
my mistakes!

                                          Number of   Points
Image (Poland)        Image (Hungary)      Images   (red,blue)

"Good Guys" (Maroon Backs) Game Cards (20 images)

Aragorn               Aragorn                3         9,1
Arwena                Arwen                  1         2,8
Eomer                 Éomer                  1         7,3
Eowina                Éowyn                  1         6,4
Faramir               Faramir                1         7,3
Frodo                 Frodo                  2         4,6
Gandalf               Gandalf                3         1,9
Gimli                 Gimli                  2         8,2
Legolas               Legolas                2         8,2
Merry                 Trufa                  1         5,5
Pippin                Pippin                 1         5,5
Sam                   Samu                   1         5,5
Theoden               Théoden                1         3,7

"Bad Guys" (Blue Backs) Game Cards (20 images)

Berseker Uruk-Hai     Uruk-Hai Harcos        1         8,2    
Esterling             Easterlings            2         5,5    
Grima                 Gríma                  2         3,7    
Grisznak              Grisnák                2         8,2    
Oko Saurona           Szauron Szeme          1         1,9    
Ork                   Ork                    4         6,4    
Saruman               Szaruman               3         2,8    
Szarku                Sharkú                 1         7,3    
Ugluk                 Uglák                  1         9,1    
Uruk-Hai              Uruk-Hai               3         7,3    

©2003, 2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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