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The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture
   Trilogy (Playing Cards)
New Line Productions - 2004

Note:  The card deck includes extra cards promoting the original DVD releases 
of the movie trilogy and the extended DVD edition, boxed and enclosed in a 
canvas drawstring pouch.

Card    Title / Scene


   A    Sauron
   2    (Mount Doom)
   3    (Mount Doom)
   4    (Mount Doom)
   5    (Mount Doom)
   6    (Mount Doom)
   7    (Mount Doom)
   8    (Mount Doom)
   9    (Mount Doom)
  10    (Mount Doom)
   J    Trolls
   Q    Ringwraith
   K    Saruman


   A    Gandalf
   2    (Minas Tirith)
   3    (Minas Tirith)
   4    (Minas Tirith)
   5    (Minas Tirith)
   6    (Minas Tirith)
   7    (Minas Tirith)
   8    (Minas Tirith)
   9    (Minas Tirith)
  10    (Minas Tirith)
   J    Boromir
   Q    Gimli
   K    Aragorn


   A    Frodo
   2    (Hobbiton)
   3    (Hobbiton)
   4    (Hobbiton)
   5    (Hobbiton)
   6    (Hobbiton)
   7    (Hobbiton)
   8    (Hobbiton)
   9    (Hobbiton)
  10    (Hobbiton)
   J    Pippin
   Q    Merry
   K    Sam


   A    Galadriel
   2    (Rivendell)
   3    (Rivendell)
   4    (Rivendell)
   5    (Rivendell)
   6    (Rivendell)
   7    (Rivendell)
   8    (Rivendell)
   9    (Rivendell)
  10    (Rivendell)
   J    Legolas
   Q    Arwen
   K    Elrond

Joker   Gollum
Joker   Sméagol

  --    Relive the Journey (Two-Disc DVDs)
  --    Extend the Journey (Extended DVD Edition)
  --    The Lord of the Rings - The Motion Picture Trilogy (box)
  --    Relive the Journey on DVD (canvas drawstring bag)

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