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LOTR Return of the King: 3-D Cards
Nutella (Poland) - 2003

Notes: Thanks much to Krystyna Mayer for the list, and for the commentary:
These little lovelies were produced by Nutella in Poland. There are 7 six-sided 
3-D cards, each featuring a different character from the  films. The lenticular 
effect on these is superb, with both the characters and the backgrounds being 
well defined. The cards measure approximately 2.5 inches across at the widest 
point, and each has a different decorative border. The backs of the cards contain 
New Line copyright information, the Nutella logo, the name of the film in Polish, 
the names of the characters shown on all the cards in their 'branded' script, and 
decorative borders of Elven script. The cards are unnumbered, and show:

 --   Gandalf the White with staff; Minas Tirith background.
 --   Éowyn in chain mail; Pelennor Fields background.
 --   Frodo and Sting; Mount Doom background.
 --   Gollum in good mood; Osgiliath background.
 --   Sauron; Eye and tower background.
 --   Aragorn on horseback; army and mountains background.
 --   Merry; mountains background.

©2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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