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Lord of the Rings - Return of the King
New Line Cinema (Taiwan) - 2003

Notes:  As described by Krystyna Mayer (thanks!!): Thirty unnumbered cards, ten 
of which are 3-D (lenticular). Cards have black backs and rounded corners and are 
roughly the size of the Topps LOTR trading cards. The reverse of each card has the 
usual New Line copyright information plus Chinese writing, although three of the 
cards have black and white pictures rather than a paragraph of Chinese text 
(indicated with asterisk below). There is also a basic label on the reverse of each 
card in English (in a few cases the labelling is inaccurate, as indicated below). A 
holder was also produced for these cards, in two different designs as far as I know.

No.   Title

3-D Lenticular Cards

  1   Gandalf
  2   The Ring on map of Middle-earth
  3   Aragorn
  4   Frodo and Sam
  5   Gollum
  6   Galadriel
  7   Eowyn
  8   Legolas and Gimli
  9   Orc
 10   Arwen

Non-Lenticular Cards

 11   Treebeard
 12   Denethor and Faramir
 13   Pippin
 14   Gimli
 15   Elrond and Arwen
 16   Frodo, Sam and Merry
 17   Aragorn with Anduril
 18   Frodo on Mount Doom
 19   Pippin and Merry at Isengard
 20   Sam and Frodo on Mount Doom
 21   Gondorian riders riding towards Osgiliath (mislabelled as Riders of Rohan)
 22   Gondorian riders leaving Minas Tirith (mislabelled as Riders of Rohan)*
 23   Group of Orcs
 24   Group of Orcs*
 25   Gondorian and Rohan soldiers*
 26   Orc (Gorbag)
 27   Uruk-hai (should be labelled Orc?)
 28   Uruk-hai (as above?)
 29   Uruk-hai (as above?)
 30   Orc

©2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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