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Lord of the Rings - Return of the King
Collector's Update Edition
   Topps - 2004

Notes:  In packs that contain them, Memorabilia cards displace six commons. Thanks
much to Jennifer Johnson for the update! Further information and scans are found at 
the Topps web archive.

Hobby Box: 36 packs of 7 cards.  4 boxes per case.
Common sets: approx. 3.44 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

 91   Title Card / Checklist
 92   Sméagol's Great Desire
 93   Uneasy Alliance
 94   Isengard's Fall
 95   In The Golden Hall
 96   A Soul In Torment
 97   Lure Of The Palantir
 98   Arwen's Decision
 99   Toward Minas Tirith
100   The Gates Of Minas Morgul
101   Sauron's Footsoldiers
102   The Flaming Signal
103   Terror From The Skies
104   Nazgul Triumphant
105   Day Of The Nazgul
106   Friend...Or Fiend?
107   Return Of The Sword
108   King Of The Dead
109   "Regain Your Honor!"
110   Massive Orc Army
111   Attack Of The Trolls
112   Winged Horror
113   A Wizard Among Them
114   Leviathans Against Us
115   Inside Shelob's Lair
116   The Horror Of Shelob
117   Smashing Through
118   Trolls On The Rampage
119   Along Came A Spider
120   Caught!
121   Cornering Her Prey
122   Sam Battles Shelob
123   Mûmakil On The March
124   A Deadly Advance
125   Hero of Rohan
126   Spectacular Battle
127   Facing The Fellbeast
128   Éowyn's Challenge
129   Wrath Of The Witch-king
130   Aragorn's Phantom Army
131   Army Of The Dead
132   Spectral Warriors
133   Slaying The Witch-king
134   Legolas's Bold Assault
135   "Depart And Be At Rest"
136   Rescued By Sam
137   At The Black Gate
138   Facing The Ultimate Evil
139   Toward Mount Doom
140   Monsters Of Mordor
141   "This Day We Fight!"
142   Gollum Returns
143   Fury Of The Fellbeasts
144   Gandalf's Resolve
145   Winged Fury
146   Moment Of Truth
147   Gollum's Savage Attack
148   Rampaging Trolls
149   The Ring At Last!
150   "My Precious!!!"
151   The Ring Destroyed
152   The Fall Of Barad-Dûr
153   Falling From The Skies
154   The Great Eagles
155   A Fellowship Reunited
156   The Crown Of Gondor
157   Love And Valor
158   Sam's Wedding Day
159   Bilbo's Last Adventure
160   "It Is Time, Frodo"
161   The Sea Calls Them Home
162   The Journey Ends


Autograph Cards (together with Memorabilia: 1 per 36 Hobby packs)

 --   Sala Baker as Morannon Orc (1:427 packs)
 --   Peter Jackson, Director (1:2202 packs)
 --   Mark Ordesky, Executive Producer (1:729 packs)

Memorabilia Cards (together with Autographs: 1 per 36 Hobby packs)

 --   Aragorn's Coronation Shirt (1:633 packs)
 --   Arwen's Coronation Dress (1:265 packs)
 --   Elrond's Bronze Silk Robe (1:480 packs)
 --   Eowyn's Coronation Dress (1:300 packs)
 --   Eowyn's Golden Hall Party Dress (1:438 packs)
 --   Frodo's Grey Havens Vest (1:870 packs)
 --   Merry's Rohan Cloak (1:266 packs)
 --   Sam's Wedding Jacket (1:257 packs)
 --   The Witch-King's Cloak (1:243 packs)

Card Album (UK exclusive; sold separately)

 --   (binder)
 U1   (Gollum)
 U2   (Frodo)
 U3   (Sam)
 U4   (Denethor)
 U5   (The Return of the King [The One Ring])
 U6   (Gandalf)
 U7   (Legolas)
 U8   (Gimli)
 U9   (Aragorn)


--    Collectors Update Edition (dealer sell sheet; double-sided
--    72 All-New Images! (dealer sell sheet; double-sided

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