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Lord of the Rings: Trilogy Factory Set
   Topps U.K. - 2003

Notes: This factory set was produced for the European market by Topps U.K.,
in cooperation with Cards. Inc.  Although the titles of S41-S60 are almost exactly
the same as those in the 20-card Trilogy set, the images are different.
Many thanks to Alan Glixman for the scans!

No.   Title

The Fellowship of the Ring

S1    The One Ring / Checklist
S2    Gandalf
S3    Bilbo
S4    Frodo
S5    Sam
S6    Merry
S7    Pippin
S8    Aragorn
S9    Arwen
S10   Boromir
S11   Elrond
S12   Legolas
S13   Gimli
S14   Galadriel
S15   Celeborn
S16   Saruman
S17   Lurtz
S18   Uruk-Hai
S19   Orcs
S20   Ringwraiths

The Two Towers

S21   The Two Towers / Checklist
S22   Eye of Sauron
S23   Gandalf the White
S24   Saruman
S25   Aragorn
S26   Frodo and Sam
S27   Legolas
S28   Gimli
S29   King Theoden
S30   Lady Eowyn
S31   Eomer
S32   Faramir
S33   Merry
S34   Pippin
S35   Grima Wormtongue
S36   The Easterlings
S37   The Elven Warriors
S38   Orcs
S39   Uruk-Hai Horror
S40   Wildmen of Dunlending

The Return of the King

S41   The Return of the King / Checklist
S42   Frodo
S43   Aragorn
S44   Sam
S45   Merry
S46   Pippin
S47   Gandalf
S48   Legolas
S49   Gimli
S50   Arwen
S51   Gollum
S52   Faramir
S53   Denethor
S54   Éomer
S55   King Théoden
S56   Éowyn
S57   Aragorn and Legolas
S58   Legolas, Gandalf and Aragorn
S59   Elrond
S60   Rohan and Gondor Unite

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