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Hannah Lynn 2012 First Edition
   Hannah Lynn Art & Design - 2012

Notes: The artwork is collected on regular-sized trading cards, and issued by subscription 
or in annual sets.  Further information and scans are posted at the Hannah Lynn website.

                                                        ...Release Date...
   Name                   Species                       Artwork      Card    Original Artwork

   Alana                  Salwater Mermaid                1/2010             Kissy Fish
   Aliah                  Tropical Mermaid               12/2010             Aliah
   Alice                  Human child                     4/2010             Alice Lost
   Alicia                 Flower Fairy                    3/2012             Alicia & Aliana
   Amanda                 Vampire                         3/2011             Amanda & Axel
   Annabelle              Human Royalty                   7/2010             Annabelle & Jax
   Ariana                 Saltwater Mermaid Royalty       1/2010             Fragile Heart
   Bella                  Saltwater Mermaid               1/2009             Bella's Sea Monkeys
   Cali                   Saltwater Mermaid               7/2010             Cali Girl
   Calliope               Butterfly Fairy                 8/2009             Glacier Lily Fairy
   Charlene               Saltwater Mermaid               3/2009             Charlene
   Chelsea                Saltwater Mermaid Royalty       4/2010             Chelsea
   Clara                  Immortal Human                  1/2012             Clara
   Dahlia                 Flower Fairy                    2/2010             Dahlia
   Ella                   Saltwater Mermaid               1/2010             Heart on Her Sleeve
   Isabella               Human Royalty                   9/2011             A Princess is Born
   Izzy                   Human child                     8/2011             Princess Izzy
   Kathleen               Saltwater Mermaid               6/2009             Kathleen
   Kathleen & Summer      Saltwater Mermaids             10/2011             Kathleen & Summer
   Katie                  Saltwater Mermaid               1/2012             Katie & Kruncher
   Lexis                  Rainforest Mermaid              1/2009             The Butterfly Keeper
   Liberty                Saltwater Mermaid               6/2009             Lady Liberty
   Lily                   Human Royalty                   7/2009             Runaway Princess
   Lydia                  Flower Fairy                    4/2012             Easter Lily Fairy
   Mandi                  Saltwater Mermaid               3/2010             Amanda
   Marcella               Gypsy Mermaid                   2/2009             Hidden Treasures
   Mariana                Saltwater Mermaid               1/2010             Mariana
   Maxine                 Saltwater Mermaid               9/2009             Maxine
   Melinda                Forest Nymph                   12/2011             Melinda & Moo-hoo
   Melissa                Vampire                        11/2010             Melissa
   Mina                   Arctic Fairy                    1/2010             Heart of Ice
   Miss Mirabelle         Human                          12/2008             Miss Mirabelle
   Monica                 Fairy                           4/2012             Monica
   Mysty                  Saltwater Mermaid               5/2009             Misty Morning
   Oliana                 Freshwater Mermaid              6/2009             Oliana's Otter
   Olivia                 Nature Fairy                    5/2009             Bookwork Fairy
   Rae                    Saltwater Mermaid               1/2009             Rae
   Rosalee                Saltwater Mermaid               3/2010             Forever Rose
   Sadie                  Butterfly Fairy                 3/2010             Sadie's Dragon
   Selena                 Fairy                           1/2010             Sweet Selena
   Serna & Blake          Saltwater Mermaid & Human       1/2011             Fisherman's Catch
   Shy                    Freshwater Mermaid              5/2010             Mystical Pond
   Snow White             Human Royalty                   5/2012             Snow White
   Starr                  Celestial Fairy                 7/2009             Moon Glow
   Sumiko                 Freshwater Mermaid              3/2009             Berry Branches
   Taylor                 Arctic Mermaid                 10/2008             Tag Alongs
   Teya                   Saltwater Mermaid               1/2010             Teya
   Vanessa                Saltwater Mermaid               8/2010             Vanessa
   Vixie                  Vampire                         9/2010             Vixie
   Zaria                  Dryad Fairy                     1/2010             Tree of Secrets

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