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Hannah Lynn 2015 Fourth Year Release
   Hannah Lynn Art & Design - 2015

Notes: The artwork is collected on regular-sized trading cards, and issued by subscription 
or in annual sets. Further information and scans are posted at the Hannah Lynn website.

    Name              Species                    Original Artwork   Released

    Angie & Oliver    Mermaid, Sea Turtle        Angie & Oliver      5/2015
    Princess Nitika   Angel                      Walk in Beauty      5/2015
    Tala & Maska      Human, Wolf                First Snow          3/2015
    Mandy & Pepper    Human, Pot-Bellied Pig     Mandy & Pepper      3/2015
    Wynndy            Tropical Mermaid           Wynndy              7/2009
    Ballet Girl       Human                      Ballet Girl         1/2015
    Wendy             Saltwater Mermaid          Wendy's Walrus      5/2009
    Ice Princess      Human Royalty              Ice Princess       11/2014
    Sharla            Saltwater Mermaid          Sharla              3/2009
    Shannon           Saltwater Mermaid          Shannon             8/2009
    Mona              Monarch Fairy              Mona                8/2014
    Frosted Rose      Angel                      Frosted Rose        9/2010

San Digo Comic Con 2015 Exclusive Card (limited to 1000)
   Evil Queen

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